10 Things All Fearless Alpha Women Do Differently From Other Women

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Some women set risky goals, radiate self-respect, and unapologetically seem to know their true worth. They’re Alpha women and they’re not afraid to put themselves first and achieve big things in doing so. On the deepest level, they know that if they work hard, they can make their dreams a reality. They put their heads down and grind, but they also know the importance of having fun.

Alpha women are truly phenomenal. Here are 10 things that make them stand out:

1. They Have Deep Self-Respect

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Houcine Ncib / Unsplash

They respect themselves enough to keep their standards high and aim for the stars. They know their self worth and they’re comfortable investing in themselves and actually feel good about doing so.

They don’t hold onto relationships or people that don’t respect them back and avoid situations that don’t align with their values.

2. They Avoid Toxic People

Alpha women avoid toxic people and don’t allow space for them in their lives. They refuse to participate in gossiping about others and don’t associate with people who do.

They’re very selective in the people they spend time with and give energy to. They surround themselves with growth-minded people who are working hard to achieve big things.

3. They Know How To Play

While they work super hard to achieve their goals and find success, Alpha women also know the importance of play. They value having fun and regularly make space to play and let loose.

They know when to laugh at themselves and how to take a joke.

They’re also open to trying new fun and exciting activities. When it comes to fun, they don’t let fear of the unknown hold them back and they’re not embarrassed by being new or “bad” at something.

4. They’re Totally Content Being Single

Alpha women feel totally fulfilled being single and would rather be single than in the wrong relationship. Their high self-esteem allows them to see themselves for what they’re worth and to recognize if a relationship is hindering them more than benefiting them.

They refuse to settle in a relationship and they also refuse to be someone’s second choice. They’re first or they’re out. And they’re totally cool with that.

5. They’re Self-Sufficient

Alpha women are 100% self-sufficient. They don’t need others for financial support, emotional support, or anything else. They can take care of themselves and provide for themselves and it’s part of what makes them so special. While friends and relationships are important and beneficial, they refuse to rely on anyone but themselves.

6. They’re Goal-Setters

They know what they want and they get it. They break down their big life desires into smaller, achievable goals and work relentlessly to achieve them. They don’t walk in the direction they want to go – they run, head first at full speed.

They typically believe they can achieve a lot more in life than others do. They set their goals high and truly believe that they can achieve what they want to if they just work hard enough.

7. They Practice Body-Acceptance

They radiate confidence and totally accept their body and looks. They practice loving their appearance and physical body, which further helps their confidence shine.

They are the opposite of self-conscious and practice body acceptance and self-love in their day-to-day lives.

8. They Refuse To Be A Victim

Life doesn’t happen to them, but for them. They take challenges head-on and refuse to play the victim.

9. They Put Themselves First

It may sound selfish, but they know the importance of putting themselves first. They know that their well-being is more important than most other things because how they show up for themselves impacts how they show up for others and the world.

They walk away from people or situations that don’t serve them and feel good about doing so.

10. They Value Growth And Learning

They take mistakes as learning opportunities and are constantly finding ways to learn and grow. They believe in the growth mindset and think that messing up or being “bad” at something is just a place to learn and grow more.

Those who don’t resonate with Alpha women may feel jealous or insecure in their presence. Their energy is strong and their confidence is sure.

If you know an Alpha woman, remember that she’s probably warm and kind, despite her strong energy. She wants to bring good to the world and is working hard to do so.

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