February 16th Marks A Full Snow Moon In Leo, Be Prepared To Be Wiped Clean

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This week, a Full Moon in Leo rises on February 16th bringing with it an uplifting sense of curiosity and hope. This moon is also known as the Snow Moon.

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The Snow Moon Asks Us To Dream Big

woman laying on wooden bench in white see through dress

Adryan Ra / Unsplash

Adryan Ra / Unsplash

This special lunation calls on us to dream and plan, to look towards unimagined horizons for new possibilities in our lives. There is a highly creative energy attached to this Full Moon that can spark a lot of ideas or spur you to move forward on creative or entrepreneurial endeavors.

This moon asks that you be yourself and share yourself and your ideas with the world from a place of confidence and optimism.

Leo’s Energy looks Within

Leo energy is all about child-like joy, and reconnecting with your inner child as a leader. While the sign is often associated with superficial qualities, the true strengths of Leo stem from living authentically and reconnecting with your inner child and true self.

This lunation wants you to ask if there are things you have been forcing yourself to maintain that don’t represent who you really are? What sort of conversations are you willing to have with yourself?

The Full Moon’s Accepting Energy

full moon between clouods

Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash

Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash

Full Moons represent the completion of a cycle and embody total understanding, acceptance and faith. The message coming through for you here is that you should never deny your natural expression.

You know who you are, you know what drives you and gives you a sense of purpose.The radiant, confident energy of the Leo Snow Moon is one of radical self-love.

All Change Is Scary

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Elisa Ph / Unsplash

Elisa Ph / Unsplash

While many people often mistake this Leo energy as self-centered, it is really about authenticity and living the highest and truest representation of your core self.

Give yourself permission to express yourself in ways that feel comfortable and natural to you: in life, in art, and with your relationships. Do not be afraid of starting something new.

The Sun In Aquarius is Challenging

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pawel szvmanski / Unsplash

pawel szvmanski / Unsplash

Finally, with the Sun in Aquarius illuminating this Leo Full Moon, the energy is often intense and volatile. There is an element of empowerment and challenging norms associated with this lunation. Challenging the way you have defined yourself, challenging habits that may not be productive; and looking at the world from a fresh perspective.

The Aquarian energy present is incredibly observant. Often able to see beyond the surface level of reality to something much deeper. Use this to find new solutions to your problems.

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The Effects Varies On An Individual Level

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Mike Petrucci / Unsplash

Mike Petrucci / Unsplash

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