5 Traits Of An Energy-Sensitive Person

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1. You’re a little introverted.

A woman walking on her own in a greenhouse.
Unsplash / Kate Darmody
Unsplash / Kate Darmody

People act like introverts are “freaks” or “anti-social,” but that’s not the case at all. Many introverts are sensitive to the energies of others. They pick up on all of it.

An energy-sensitive person in a room full of people is like being able to listen to each conversation all at once. Kind of maddening, right?

2. You’re an excellent judge of character.

Yet you’re miraculously not judgmental of people. You seem to have this knack to being able to look right through the facade people put up. But you aren’t cruel with rejections.

Instead, you simply opt not to let people you don’t read right in.

3. You strongly experience the plight of others.

Energy-sensitive people are empaths. They’re able to share the experiences of others without having the experience themselves. It makes them excellent world leaders and healers.

4. You seem to get signs.

The world is in rough shape, so the powers at be send energy-sensitive types special signs on their paths of healing. You’ll see things that most will call coincidental but are actually quite meaningful.

5. You can be emotional.

Sensitivity to energy leaves you an emotional roller coaster from time to time. You feel every high and every low rather fully. Be careful that you don’t become manic with all the feelings.

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