Feel Like Letting Loose Lately? May’s Horoscope Basically Predicts A Big Passionate Party

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We can expect an ardent and passionate start to May, with Venus moving into fiery Aries on May 2nd. This is fantastic astrological energy for lovers everywhere, and it’s also good news if you’re looking for a motivation boost, especially in business.

Make the most of the early May to work on projects which need your verve and enthusiasm – especially around May 10th, because when optimistic Jupiter moves into go-getting Aries, anything seems possible!

Don’t be put off by tech or communication glitches. Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the same day that the Jupiter in Aries transit begins, but by choosing to see the positive, most minor irritations can be kept in check.

Positivity takes a dip mid-month, especially when a potent Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th brings drama around love, money, or both, with an emphasis on what we owe to others, emotionally as well as financially. The after-effects of the Eclipse will linger for a while, but the arrival of the Sun in cheerful Gemini on May 20th will eventually lift the mood.

On May 22nd, Mercury retrograde moves backward into Taurus; this is an ideal time to reassess the daily structure of your life. Think about whether your routines and schedules allow you the freedom you need.

The enthusiasm picks up again on May 24th when Mars powers into dynamic Aries, encouraging brave, bold, pioneering action of all kinds. A few days later on the 28th, Venus changes zodiac signs and arrives in Taurus, bringing a dose of sensuality to the final week of May.

The month ends with a bright and sociable Gemini New Moon – perfect for dating, partying, cultivating friendships and indulging your playful side – enjoy!

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Wear your heart on your sleeve as May begins, Aries. Venus moves into Aries on May 2nd, so expressing your emotions fully is a healthy way to boost your love life. This sign change for Venus is also promising if you’re seeking a change of personal image or a boost to your confidence and self-esteem.

Jupiter arrives in Aries on May 10th in a blaze of optimism, fire, passion and enthusiasm – the sky’s the limit once you harness this energy! Watch out for communication issues or faults in technology once Mercury turns retrograde that same day, however. The key is to stay patient; if your tech breaks, do things the old-fashioned way!

Emotional or financial debts need paying, and the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th may highlight dramatic consequences if you neglect to pay what you owe. Be aware of your responsibilities towards others ahead of the Eclipse and try hard to do the right thing. You’ll find it easier to manage the Eclipse after-effects once the Sun changes signs on May 20th.

Prepare to rethink your finances when Mercury retrograde heads backward into the money zone of your natal birth chart on May 22nd. A shakeup may be needed, but with your ruling planet, Mars, arriving in Aries on May 24th, you’re well placed to drive through any necessary changes.

May ends on a sensual and comforting note for you, as Venus leaves Aries and heads into your values zone on May 28th – perfect for snuggling up or indulging in your favorite treats. The New Moon on May 30th brings a highly sociable vibe, so why not round out the month with a party, “just because”?