6 Signs That You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

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Here are the six signs that you’ve definitely found your twin flame:

You immediately click in a fiery way.

A couple laughing together, the man kissing the woman's temple.
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez

You might meet people from time to time that you immediately get along with. It happens. Maybe they were a friend in a past life. But your twin flame?

That’s another story entirely. It’s like the both of you bring out this fire in one another. Everything is intense right from the start.

You experience deja vu with them.

It’s an unshakable feeling when you start to experience, and you’ll often both experience it at some level.

Maybe it’s because you’ve lived past lives together, or maybe it’s some other supernatural thing. But with your twin flame, deja vu is common.

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You love their flaws.

Usually flaws annoy you in other people, but for some reason, you find all the weird shit they do to be kind of fun and interesting.

You love their flaws. You find them to be exhilarating in a way.

It’s like you’re up against the world.

Whether or not you are, you and your twin flame are ready to go up against the world. You aren’t just partners or lovers, you’re actually a team.

You exist like life is a fight and you’re going to kick ass.

You’re inseparable.

The thought of being away from your twin flame causes you to become nearly physically ill, doesn’t it? That’s a strong sign they’re actually your twin flame.

You can’t imagine life without them.

Fortunately, you don’t need to!

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