Feeling All Over The Place Lately? It’s All About To Change According To Next Week’s Horoscope

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Weekly Horoscopes September 26th – October 2nd, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

The early part of this week is excellent for getting things done, especially anything that requires a blend of intellect and practical work. On Wednesday, when Mars trines Saturn, there’s a real opportunity to push through a barrier of some kind.

Venus moves into charming, diplomatic Libra on Thursday, ushering in a kind, sociable, refined, and artistic vibe. This would be a lovely time to mix romance and culture – take your date to a museum, or treat your partner to their favorite movie.

On Sunday, Mercury turns direct in Virgo, ending its retrograde period and freeing up communication. When the brain fog clears, refresh your mind with a good book, some puzzles, or thoughtful debate about the issues of the day.

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The first half of this week sees a focus on community efforts; you’ll want to keep busy, and volunteering or coordinating some kind of beneficial project will give you plenty of satisfaction.

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Hassan OUAJBIR / Pexels
Hassan OUAJBIR / Pexels

By Thursday, however, you’ll be in the mood for love. Venus moves into your opposite sign, softening your more abrasive edges and showing you the value of sweet, old-fashioned romance. Slow things down in your love life if you want to experience magic.

If you’ve been stuck and frustrated over work-related issues, you’ll enjoy the relief and fresh insight that comes on Sunday, as Mercury turns direct. A new way of thinking should help resolve matters with colleagues, even if you’re not working that day.