Feeling Fixated And Stubborn? It Has To Do With This Week’s Horoscope’s Energy

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Weekly Horoscopes July 11th – 17th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

Ambitions are strong as we head into this week – a vibe that culminates on Wednesday with the very status-conscious Full Moon in Capricorn. This is the moment to reward yourself for success, but it’s important not to be too hard on yourself if your goals are still a work in progress.

Thursday and Friday embody quite stubborn energy, courtesy of the Aquarius Moon – expect fixed ideas and opinions to create arguments and discord.

There’s better news over the weekend, however – especially on Sunday, when gentle Venus moves into caring, nurturing Cancer. This is a very sweet and sentimental transit, perfect for good, old-fashioned courtship.

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Matters at work may come to a head early this week – the Full Moon may even bring a mini-crisis in your profession, but this is your opportunity to show what you can do. Put emotion aside and think on your feet to react to the changing situation.

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Cotton Bro / Pexels
Cotton Bro / Pexels

Friendships could be tense later in the week, especially if you and a friend hold vastly different political or spiritual views. Try to allow space for you to be the individuals you are – you don’t have to agree on everything!

When Venus changes signs on Sunday, the focus switches to your family life – this is a perfect day for a family get-together.


This week’s Full Moon highlights trust – specifically, your trust in what the universe has in store for you. On Wednesday, at the peak of this influence, you might be distracted by misinformation or confusing signals; your job at this point is to simply know that the cosmos will steer you towards your highest possibilities.

At work, the best time of the week is likely to be Thursday and Friday, when you’ll find it easy to come up with innovative solutions to older problems. Beware of a tendency to judge people harshly, however.

When Venus changes signs on Sunday, you’ll be better able to communicate your deepest feelings, making the weekend your best choice for any difficult conversations.


This week’s Full Moon brings you the chance to profit at someone else’s expense. Perhaps literally, if money is involved, but more likely in the sense that you can gain an advantage through someone else’s misfortune. If you haven’t caused said misfortune, then ethically, you may be on solid ground but expect to feel uncomfortable nonetheless.

On Thursday and Friday – plan a romantic day trip or surprise your sweetheart with a trip to where you first met.

Shore up your finances heading into the weekend as Venus changes signs to journey through your money zone. This is an excellent period to shop around for a better deal on things like insurance or credit.

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Something hidden may come to light in your closest relationship during this week’s Full Moon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – you may, for example, simply discover something surprising about your lover which makes you adore them all the more. But equally, there could be a nasty shock. Try to stay calm and measured in your response.

It will help that Thursday and Friday are guided by the cool, unemotional vibes of the Aquarius Moon. These days, you can use breathing space from whatever revelations the Full Moon brings.

All should feel calm and settled once more when Venus moves into Cancer on Sunday. If there have been issues in your love life, this is your chance to prioritize your partner and sort out your concerns once and for all.


Stress at work is exacerbated by the Full Moon on Wednesday. If you’ve been unhappy in your job for a while, emotions during this lunation may push you toward a drastic decision. However, you don’t have the complete picture. Try to avoid leaping to conclusions or doing anything you cannot later undo.

The Moon shines from your love zone on Thursday and Friday, so strong support from your partner will help you think things over and hopefully discover a better course of action.

On Sunday, Venus changes signs and begins to transit your secrecy zone – a hint that you’ll want to spend much more time alone with your sweetheart. However, if you’re involved in an illicit relationship, this can be a stressful time.


Events around the Full Moon on Wednesday highlight how much fun you’ve been missing out on recently. You may have to miss an event or occasion you’d have dearly liked to attend. Although this brings sadness, it’s also a catalyst that sees you re-thinking your life priorities and resolving to put your own needs higher up your agenda.

Thursday and Friday have very well-organized lunar energy, which will help you to reschedule, re-think, or find extra time in your daily routines.

Meanwhile, Venus is set to move into your social zone on Sunday – with new friendships on the horizon, you can certainly live up to your decision to have some more fun!

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The Full Moon on Wednesday brings emotional release around a family matter. Although there could be tears involved, there will also be a sense of relief or closure. Allow yourself to be uplifted and supported by those who love you the most.

You may feel your usually well-hidden, reckless streak emerging on Thursday and Friday, as the lunar influences encourage you to take some chances. That’s not a bad thing, but avoid gambling with money you can’t afford to lose.

When Venus changes signs on Sunday, your interpersonal abilities get a considerable boost – use this energy to promote your soft skills at work or in your business. You have a real knack for people, which is hard to find.


Oversharing is a key issue this week. That’s especially so during Wednesday’s Full Moon when something shared on social media may tick all the wrong boxes. Check your privacy settings to protect your own posts; if it’s something shared by someone else, don’t take it too much to heart.

Thursday and Friday are good days for getting on with your domestic agenda – clearing up at home, decorating, or pushing real estate matters forward.

When Venus changes signs on Sunday, travel becomes linked to love. If you’re single, this would be a fantastic time to go on vacation or visit somewhere new and particularly beautiful.


This week’s Full Moon activates the money zone of your natal birth chart in what could be an uncomfortable lunation for you. Expect to find your finances stretched, possibly to breaking point. However, help is there if you choose to seek it.

Communication is key on Thursday and Friday as you deal with the fallout from the Full Moon. Keep talking, keep asking questions, and keep trying to find the answers you need.

Venus changes signs on Sunday, moving into one of the most passionate areas of your natal birth chart – use this energy to boost your love life, re-find your sparkle or re-invent the magic.

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The Capricorn Full Moon on Wednesday is very potent energy for you. Use its light to illuminate your path ahead and manifest what you need right now. Pick one goal to work on and pour your heart and soul into it, guided by the self-confident assurance this Full Moon brings.

Thursday and Friday bring good financial news, too, as the Moon takes a trip through this area of your natal birth chart – although watch out for rumor and gossip; don’t act on news that you can’t fact-check.

On Sunday, Venus moves into your opposite sign in a beautiful show of love and warmth. This is a terrific time for a wedding, engagement, or anniversary.


This week’s Full Moon gifts you the opportunity to work on your fears and worries. It’s an ideal time for therapy and talking through your concerns with someone you trust. Occurring in the most secretive and spiritual part of your chart, this Full Moon can be exceptionally healing.

Immediately after this, the Aquarius Moon holds sway for Thursday and Friday, helping your confidence grow and putting you more in touch with your own sense of purpose.

Look to the arrival of Venus in your wellbeing zone on Sunday for more good news, this time about your health. However, this influence does encourage a little bit of what you fancy, so don’t be too strict with diet or exercise.


Expect some tension in your social life this week, especially around the time of the Full Moon on Wednesday. You may see someone in a new light, or new information may come out into the open which hurts, shocks, or upsets you regarding a friend.

Take a few days to mull things over on Thursday and Friday. The Moon shines from the most secretive part of your chart at this point, so you’ll want to create peace and privacy for yourself.

You’ll bounce back in time for the weekend, which sees Venus move into the joy zone of your natal birth chart. This is a brilliant time for dating, fun days out, or simply hanging out with the people who make you smile the most.

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