Feeling Impatient Lately? Blame Uranus Turning Retrograde, Here’s Why

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It’s an industrious start to the working week, with the Sun moving into earthy, diligent Virgo on Monday. The early part of the week is ideal for taking practical action – doing rather than thinking.

On Wednesday, Uranus turns retrograde, beginning a period of inner restlessness and great impatience for many. Mercury’s arrival in diplomatic, easy-going Libra the following day will do much to help calm nerves, however.

Saturday’s Virgo New Moon is a highly responsible, dutiful influence, but this lunation does square Mars, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little resentful about having to do the right thing.

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The Sun’s change of signs on Monday promises plenty of focus and concentration for you, and this is an excellent time to get ahead with your routine workload, domestic chores, and anything that needs a strong eye for detail.

Planet Uranus in the galaxy
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

When Mercury changes zodiac signs on Thursday, reach out to your sweetheart and try to strengthen mutual understanding. It could be that you’ve been hearing your partner recently but not really listening to their needs.

On Saturday, the New Moon finds you being asked to take on extra responsibilities, but your patience is likely to be wearing thin. It’s OK to ask, expect, or even demand that others take on their fair share too.