Feeling Impatient Lately? Blame Uranus Turning Retrograde, Here’s Why

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Weekly Horoscopes August 22nd – 28th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

It’s an industrious start to the working week, with the Sun moving into earthy, diligent Virgo on Monday. The early part of the week is ideal for taking practical action – doing rather than thinking.

On Wednesday, Uranus turns retrograde, beginning a period of inner restlessness and great impatience for many. Mercury’s arrival in diplomatic, easy-going Libra the following day will do much to help calm nerves, however.

Saturday’s Virgo New Moon is a highly responsible, dutiful influence, but this lunation does square Mars, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little resentful about having to do the right thing.

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The Sun’s change of signs on Monday promises plenty of focus and concentration for you, and this is an excellent time to get ahead with your routine workload, domestic chores, and anything that needs a strong eye for detail.

Planet Uranus in the galaxy
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

When Mercury changes zodiac signs on Thursday, reach out to your sweetheart and try to strengthen mutual understanding. It could be that you’ve been hearing your partner recently but not really listening to their needs.

On Saturday, the New Moon finds you being asked to take on extra responsibilities, but your patience is likely to be wearing thin. It’s OK to ask, expect, or even demand that others take on their fair share too.


A hobby or cherished past-time gets a welcome new lease of life early this week; as the Sun changes signs, you will hopefully find more free time in your day to indulge in something that makes you smile.

Relationships with colleagues are likely to improve from Thursday onwards, as communicative Mercury sweeps into the most cooperative area of your natal birth chart. Keep talking to find some win-win solutions.

Saturday’s New Moon urges you to take some calculated risks or a leap of faith. Don’t allow vague fears to hold you back – it’s time to take a chance on the cosmos. The universe has your back, so why not simply go for it?


Settle down! As the Sun changes zodiac signs on Monday, a calming, soothing influence spreads through your week. Allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for; make yourself comfortable or enjoy some luxuries and treats. The pace of life is briefly slowing down – you deserve a rest.

Your ruling planet Mercury is on the move on Thursday, lighting up the creative sector of your natal birth chart. Anything artistic or crafty is likely to feel very therapeutic this week, so get your paints out!

Meanwhile, the New Moon on Saturday brings good news to the family. A fresh start is possible if everyone cooperates.

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This looks set to be a busy week, packed with errands and last-minute changes of plans. The Sun’s change of signs ushers in a thoughtful period for you, which will help you use logic and reason to defuse any emotionally volatile issues.

When Mercury changes signs on Thursday, home and family life will likely become easier, with greater cooperation among relatives and fewer grudges or arguments.

You can capitalize on this improved atmosphere at home during the New Moon on Saturday, encouraging honesty. Airing problems once and for all in a family discussion would prove very healing. Allow everyone to have their say so that nobody feels ignored.


Don’t be shy about standing up for your values and principles this week. Not everyone shares your ideals, but you’re still entitled to peacefully share them and promote them. The Sun’s change of signs encourages you to embody what you believe.

Mercury’s change of zodiac signs on Thursday will help with this, super-charging your already strong communication and persuasion skills. People are listening, so make sure you have something worthwhile to say.

Saturday’s New Moon brings a fresh start for a financial situation – whether you’re doing well or hugely in debt, this promising vibe empowers you to take control.


The Sun’s arrival in Virgo on Monday is your own personal mini new year – it’s a brilliant time to set big goals for the year ahead and express the very essence of who you are. Stand tall in your identity and celebrate your strengths!

Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into the values zone of your natal birth chart on Thursday, so you’ll be keen to chat about the things that matter most to you. Be careful to respect others’ views, however. Nobody likes a zealot.

The Virgo New Moon on Saturday is perfect for manifestation and abundance. Focus your intentions, harness your Virgo power, and bring your ideas to life!


Gentle vibes greet you early this week with soulful, whimsical energy as the Sun changes signs and moves into the spiritual zone of your natal birth chart. Tune into your higher consciousness and let spirit show you the way.

On Thursday, Mercury moves into Libra, bringing fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Your open-mindedness is likely to be rewarded, especially as you discover new friends and interests.

Your spiritual growth is the key focus of the week, however, especially on Saturday during the New Moon. Prophetic dreams or visions are likely, as you are more in tune with the cosmos than at any other time of the year.


Long-range planning is well-starred early this week, particularly on Monday when the Sun changes signs. Think about where you want to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years. It’s never too early to start making detailed plans.

Your intuition plays a strong part here, too, especially when Mercury changes signs on Thursday. If you think your logical plans are too grand or impossible, let your instincts guide you instead – because you are much more capable than you realize.

On Saturday, the New Moon brings a special new person into your orbit – not a love match, but someone who will be an important mentor, friend, colleague, or guide.


As the week begins, your focus is fixed firmly on your status, ambitions, and career progress. Driven by the Sun’s change of signs, you’ll want to do everything you can to lead now or gain promotion and respect.

When Mercury changes signs on Thursday, networking becomes increasingly important too, whether in business, work, or personal life. The more people you are on friendly terms with, the better. Expand your tribe.

The New Moon on Saturday provides renewed inspiration for your career goals and the reassurance that you are on the right path. If you face career obstacles, this can-do energy may offer a solution.

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Training or education are critical priorities for you as this new week begins. When the Sun changes signs, you’ll become keen to fill gaps in your knowledge or gain new, sought-after, employable skills.

Mercury’s arrival in the career zone of your natal birth chart on Thursday certainly helps with this – it’s a beautiful week to head back to school, sit any exams or tests, or start on a new qualification.

The New Moon on Saturday is also inspirational. If you’ve been unsure about your potential, this lunar energy urges you onwards, reassuring you that you have what it takes for success.


When the Sun changes signs on Monday, expect to feel an urge to better yourself somehow. This solar transit through the self-improvement zone of your natal birth chart can be very satisfying, but take care not to become too self-critical.

Mercury’s change of signs on Thursday appeals to your innate sense of freedom. Use this energy to debate the rights and wrongs of the world or to campaign for a cause that’s close to your heart. You’ll want to make a political or social point, and you’re well equipped to do just that.

The New Moon on Saturday is the ideal vibe for eliminating an unhealthy habit once and for all or introducing new well-being routines to your life.


The Sun moves into your opposite sign on Monday, ushering in a romantic few weeks, during which you’ll want to focus as much as possible on your closest relationship. This is very sweet, old-fashioned energy – full of respect, mutual adoration, kindness, and patience.

However, Mercury’s change of signs on Thursday reinforces your already strong intuition and could make everyday worries loom very large in your life. Try not to panic; look at things in a more objective light, and you will understand your position better.

On Saturday, the New Moon is the ideal time for an engagement or other significant relationship occasion. This loving energy is full of promise.

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