This Woman’s Amazing Body Poses Are Helping People With Serious Mental Health Issues

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After being raped and dealing with the aftermath that involved major depression, anxiety, and PTSD, Heidi Williams has proven that she has found peace within herself once more with the help of yoga.

After finding this peace, Williams made the conscious decision that she was going to create some of the most breath taking images of body poses to inspire others who are suffering from extreme mental illnesses to find peace within themselves as well.

Of course, Williams has gone through a lot of her own personal stress, she has taken it upon herself in hopes of running her very own therapeutic yoga classes as well as retreats for those who do suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. As she stated to Mantra Yoga + Health:

“It was in this place of mental illness hell that I found yoga and grace. Yoga brought me to a safe place again. A place of peace and self-acceptance.”

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Williams had already attempted suicide with the addition of almost losing her 6 month old child. However, with a lot of practice and self-love, Williams managed to transform herself into someone who sees the good in life once again.