Man Married Hologram Bride, But Now Struggles To Bond With Her

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes. For some opposites attract while for others love is found on common grounds. Yet, unlikely connections happen all the time when two people manage to find each other and fall in love against all odds.

A man managed to find love in the most unlikely place when he married a fictional, computer-synthesized pop singer. However, now he finds himself in a rut as although he is still in love with her, he’s now unable to communicate with his wife.

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Hope In A Dark Time

Akihiko Kondo first “met” his future wife in 2008 when technology was up and becoming but nowhere close to where it is today. Akihiko was not in a good place as every day he went to work, he faced terrible bullying from two women at his office.

 Akihiko Kondo holding puppet of his bride at wedding
akihikokondosk / Instagram
akihikokondosk / Instagram

Over time the bullying got to him and he quit his job. He fell into a deep depression and couldn’t even leave his room for days at a time. “I stayed in my room for 24 hours a day, and watched videos of Miku the whole time,” he said.