People With Hidden Depression Subconsciously Act Out In These 5 Ways

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Depression is a very volatile emotion for anyone to experience in their lifetime. Depression can cripple every piece of your body, ranging from the mental part of yourself to the physical.

Sometimes it lasts for days, months, and even years without an end in sight to the despair that we are constantly feeling deep within ourselves, sometimes to the point where hardly anything positive even phases us anymore.

Nothing motivates you, you don’t want to give anything a try. People come and go, and the gnawing thought of this looming cloud of sorrow hangs over you, getting heavier and heavier with each passing day.

If you’ve never dealt with this awful feeling, then here are five things you should know about people who are suffering from depression.

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1. They May Lash Out

woman with red eyes crying
plastic boy studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
plastic boy studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Irritation and anger are two signs of depression. When we think about depression, it’s often characterized with a dejected state of being – helpless, apathetic, melancholic.

But sometimes we mistake people with depression for simply having bad tempers. Often, this is how men express their depression.

Depression doesn’t have a switch on the back of your head that you can just flip and poof it’s gone suddenly. There are so many cases of people saying to those who are suffering depression that they should just stop being sad; as if it were that easy.

Sometimes they even like to argue with them, saying that they have nothing to be sad about, or that they’re just being over-dramatic about everything. If anything, you should be trying to comfort a person who’s suffering from depression.

We all deserve the chance to be heard when we are feeling like there is no one else in the world who knows what we are going through.