5 Lessons Learned When You’re Cheated On

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There are few feelings worse than the feeling you experience when you’re told that you’ve been cheated on. In a relationship, it can be the darkest of moments.

For many, it ends the relationship in what could very well be the worst way possible. But there are things you learn when you’ve been cheated on that you carry for the rest of your life.

For better or for worse, the lessons you learn are important.

1. Jealousy is a dangerous force.

Two hands with wedding rings brushing together.
Unsplash / Isaac Ordaz
Unsplash / Isaac Ordaz

Jealousy is among the most maddening of emotions you can experience. Jealousy is the ultimate destroyer of trust.

If you’ve opted to stay with someone who has cheated on you, the only way to truly proceed is to break yourself of that jealousy, to start over, and to form a new bond.

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