Watching this fire rope dart performance is truly stunning

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Say hello to the talented Sam Tobey, also known as Flow Mayhem. She is 25 years old and went to UC Santa Barbara, where she took hoop dance classes with Katelyn Carano in 2015.

She was brought on as a performer at a festival that featured fire dancers and fell in love with fire rope dart after watching a performance by her main inspiration, Eve Harper Close.

After watching this performance, Sam was inspired to pursue rope dart because it is an art form that can express intense emotion. She has used it as an outlet, and a way to control her extreme mood swings.

Tobey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2014, and has struggled with high and low moods for as long as she can remember.

Sam now uses rope dart to expel negative emotion and pent up aggression through her movements.

She says that she “is able to achieve a sense of calm in a way that I never have before, after a good practice. It is a sense of calm that I cannot achieve through medication or therapy.”

The performer went on to say, “I feel that [rope dart] is a way to exercise, meditate, and create art, all at the same time.”

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Below you can find some of her most popular video performances!

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