5 Feelings You Should Never Encounter In A Relationship

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1. You feel like you have to fix the relationship.

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Unsplash / Milan Popovic
Unsplash / Milan Popovic

In a healthy relationship with a healthy person, the relationship will naturally change and develop over time. Hopefully those changes will be for the better!

But if you feel like your relationship, or your partner is broken, then there’s a pretty reasonable chance you’re with someone who isn’t good for your mental health.

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2. You feel anxiety, fear, or anger toward that person.

When it’s someone you love, you shouldn’t ever feel any negative emotions like that regularly.

They shouldn’t make you feel afraid, or angry, or anxious for any length of time. If your partner causes these emotions in you, it may be time to leave them behind.

3. You deny your own feelings and desires.

Each of us have our wants and needs in life. We all have feelings and desires. When we find ourselves with partners that make us downplay those needs, we’re doing our mental health a disservice.

4. You excuse their behavior.

When you visit your parents, you have to excuse your partner’s behavior. You find yourself embarrassed or ashamed by what they do.

If it feels like you constantly have to clean up their social messes for them, they’re probably harming your mental health by staying with them.

5. You never feel confident in your decisions.

A relationship is always going to be give-and-take at some level. You may make sacrifices for them and they may make some for you.

But if you feel like your partner leaves you unconfident or hesitant in the decisions you make, it may be time to think hard about why.

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