This 5 Minute Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts

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Let’s play a quick game.

Step 1

Picture a desert stretching out as far far far as your eyes can see. Within this desert is a cube. Describe the cube. What does it look like? How large is the cube?

What’s it made of? And where in the desert is the cube? No right answers and no wrong answers. You can’t lose the game! Feel free to take a moment before you continue.

So there you are in the desert with your cube. Along with the cube, you notice a ladder.


Now, describe the ladder. How big is it? Where is it in relation to the cube? What is it made out of? Again, take a moment to think before you continue.


Now within this desert that contains a ladder and a cube is now a horse. It may very well be a horse with no name.


Now, describe the horse. Where is the horse? What’s it doing? Is it going anywhere or staying put?


We’re almost done. Now, you see flowers. Describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they in relation to the other objects?


Last question. There’s a storm. What’s the storm like? Is it near? Far? What kind of storm is it? Does it impact any of the other objects in the desert?

Now, for the fun part… the results!

The cube represents your ego!


Adobe Stock Images

Adobe Stock Images

The size of the cube is the size of your ego. If you pictured a big cube, you’re probably pretty sure of yourself.

If it was a smaller cube, maybe not so much. If the cube was in the sand, you’re probably pretty down to Earth.

If it was in the sky, you might have your head in the clouds. If your cube was transparent, you might be easy to see through.

If it was opaque, you might be hard to read. Here’s something interesting: mine was an ice cube. Is my ego melting?