Five Planets Set To Align In Rare Night Sky Event For The First Time In 18 years

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Night sky lovers beware, the best planetary get-together in 18 years is coming. Whether you’re an astronomer or just a fan of the universe and its creations, you can enjoy the show just by looking up.

With naked eyes, you can witness Earth’s five closest planetary neighbors in a row. On June 24th half an hour before sunrise, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be aligned in their natural order from the sun stretching in a diagonal starting low in the east. This is what the energy shift of the planetary alignment means for you.

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Nurturing Warmth

To kick off the summer, we’re about to get through June feeling nostalgic for mainly dinners and backyard barbecues. We may long to spend time with our loved ones, and feel more energized to spend time outside of the home. We might even start to think of an ex we thought we got over a long time ago. Blame it on emotional Cancer season!

friends sit on blanket picnic at the park by the water
Mason Dahl / Unsplash
Mason Dahl / Unsplash

According to astrologer Olivia DeGennaro, “Cancer season is a wonderful time to be around the people we hold dearest and get back to our roots,” she adds: “As the temperatures heat up, our tender emotions rise too. We’re more sentimental, compassionate, and nurturing. Cancer is the sign of the mother, so you could find yourself tending to a project or creating a safe haven for loved ones.”