Five Planets Set To Align In Rare Night Sky Event For The First Time In 18 years

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Night sky lovers beware, the best planetary get-together in 18 years is coming. Whether you’re an astronomer or just a fan of the universe and its creations, you can enjoy the show just by looking up.

With naked eyes, you can witness Earth’s five closest planetary neighbors in a row. On June 24th half an hour before sunrise, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be aligned in their natural order from the sun stretching in a diagonal starting low in the east. This is what the energy shift of the planetary alignment means for you.

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Nurturing Warmth

To kick off the summer, we’re about to get through June feeling nostalgic for mainly dinners and backyard barbecues. We may long to spend time with our loved ones, and feel more energized to spend time outside of the home. We might even start to think of an ex we thought we got over a long time ago. Blame it on emotional Cancer season!

friends sit on blanket picnic at the park by the water
Mason Dahl / Unsplash
Mason Dahl / Unsplash

According to astrologer Olivia DeGennaro, “Cancer season is a wonderful time to be around the people we hold dearest and get back to our roots,” she adds: “As the temperatures heat up, our tender emotions rise too. We’re more sentimental, compassionate, and nurturing. Cancer is the sign of the mother, so you could find yourself tending to a project or creating a safe haven for loved ones.”

Preparation For Deceptive Neptune Retrograde

Just as the planets aroud about to align, we’re about to lose our minds once again as Neptune goes retrograde from June 24 until Dec 3rd. As expected with retrogrades, this period of time will shed the layers of your vulnerabilities and insecurities and force you to confront your shadows and inner child.

Neptune as seen from Voyager 2 from 4.4 million miles image
Nasa / Unsplash
Nasa / Unsplash

While these hard times can lead to exponential growth that allows you to level up, it can also be a really overwhelming and confusing time. “Deceptions could be revealed, both personally and collectively. But at the same time, Neptune is notorious for creating confusion, which is only compounded by its retrograde. Reality could seem a bit warped right now,” explains DeGennaro.

Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon

This rare event will begin to show on June 3 and 4, when the distance between Mercury and Saturn shrinks to only 91°. Events like this can take 100 years to happen again!

5 planets aligned in the night sky satellite image
Daniel Sinoca / Unsplash
Daniel Sinoca / Unsplash

“Planets are often getting closer to each other and farther away from each other, but this is just a particularly fun order. It’s just coincidence,” said Michelle Thaller, an astronomer at NASA. “It’s just kind of this really sort of fun tour of the solar system that you can take for free.”

Called A Conjunction By Astronomers

When celestial bodies look close together when we observe them from Earth, astronomers call it a conjunction. While conjunctions of a few planets aren’t that rare, and actually happen every few years, the fact that all five planets will line up only happens once every two decades.

 3 planets and stars in the sky
Syda Productions / Canva Pro
Syda Productions / Canva Pro

We are living in an era of constant historical abnormalities. The last time the five planets aligned was December 2004. Unfortunately because of the way planets orbit and title, all eight planets will never be perfectly aligned. This is pretty much as close as we’re going to get so take advantage of being part of the event.

Ancient Greeks Observed The Wandering Spirits

Taking note of the way planets and stars align dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks. With their own naked eye, they would look at the sky and study the movements of these same five planets. At the time Pluto was yet to be discovered. They believed that these planets were actually Gods or spirits. In fact, the word “planet” is derived from the Greek word planetes, which means “wanderer.”

Lost in Thought Greek Statue with just the top half
Mike Gorrell / Unsplash
Mike Gorrell / Unsplash

The fascination with the sky carried through to today: “People noticed that these were different … most of the stars stayed in their positions relative to other stars, but these planets seem to wander around the sky,” NASA said. “Sometimes they all happened to be lined up in one part of the sky.”

Not Happening Again Until 2040

To catch a glimpse of this rare sky event at its most mesmerizing point, you’ll want to step outside at about 4:20 a.m. (40 minutes before sunrise) and look towards the southern and eastern sky. You shouldn’t be able to miss it, even from a balcony.

8 planets aligned in semi circle with red lighting
Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash
Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash

The best part is that the planets will be lined up in their true order out from the sun: Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until 2041 to see such an arrangement again.

What’s Written In The Stars For You?

Whether you believe in fate or free will, you’ve probably lived enough coincidences or have had life surprise you in an unexpected way enough times to believe that maybe it’s all leading you somewhere meant to help you live out your potential. Stars carry history and information beyond what the human mind can even understand.

starry night sky with colorful constellations
Jeremy Thomas / Unsplash
Jeremy Thomas / Unsplash

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