If You Have Any of These 5 Traits, You’re Probably Smarter Than Most People

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There are a variety of aspects that make a person smart. However, there are also a lot of other things that factor into intelligence that might not actually mean you’re intelligent at all. There are certain qualities to our personalities that make us a lot more intelligent than others, simply because we have developed these qualities from adversity, experience, or simply born to it.

School does not factor in as to how intelligent you are. Yes, you might be really good at school, but are you good at these necessities that allow you to move forward in life? If you have one out of any of these five qualities, chances are you are a lot more intelligent than you think.

1. Tend to be Introverted

Being introverted can explain a lot about someone’s personality. This quality in a person means that you understand the world around you enough to where you aren’t exactly the most outgoing person. According to a study conducted by The Gifted Development Center, they were able to produce results that demonstrated sixty percent of gifted children were introverts. The study was also able to show that introverts were more verbally intelligent compared to extroverts.