If You Have Any of These 5 Traits, You're Probably Smarter Than Most People

There are a variety of aspects that make a person smart. However, there are also a lot of other things that factor into intelligence that might not actually mean you're intelligent at all. There are certain qualities to our personalities that make us a lot more intelligent than others, simply because we have developed these qualities from adversity, experience, or simply born to it.

School does not factor in as to how intelligent you are. Yes, you might be really good at school, but are you good at these necessities that allow you to move forward in life? If you have one out of any of these five qualities, chances are you are a lot more intelligent than you think.

1. Tend to be Introverted

Being introverted can explain a lot about someone's personality. This quality in a person means that you understand the world around you enough to where you aren't exactly the most outgoing person. According to a study conducted by The Gifted Development Center, they were able to produce results that demonstrated sixty percent of gifted children were introverts. The study was also able to show that introverts were more verbally intelligent compared to extroverts.

2. Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is always one of the more dominant qualities of an intelligent person. Have you ever met someone who just seems to be endlessly funny? Making really witty jokes that appear to be made up on the spot? These people have a really good grip on what makes people laugh, as well as what's funny and what's not. Humor is a very crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to intelligence, as it can make you able to converse with literally anyone at all.

3. Happen To Be a Lefty?

People who are left-handed tend to be some of the more intelligent beings in the world; and science has a very interesting way of describing it too. Essentially, science has been able to prove that those who are left-handed are naturally creative compared to those who are right-handed. Science also claims that left-handed individuals are really good at remembering things. This makes them experts at problem solving, mental challenges, and any other kind of critical thinking.

4. Like to Stay Up Late

People who like to stay up late at night tend to be some of the more intelligent people in the world. According to one study, people who stay up late at night compared to those who wake up early in the morning are better at making a higher income. In addition to the results from this study, people who stay up late at night are better at innovative thinking as well as inductive reasoning. Essentially, those who stay up late are not bound to worry about what happens the next day and are able to live their lives in a very comfortable fashion.

5. Only Child/Oldest Sibling

People who are the first born or are the only child of their family tend to be some of the most intelligent people you could ever meet. Being able to have their parents undivided attention as an infant, as well as most of the rest of their life, can prove to be extremely beneficial for their mentality as a person, and helps them learn what to expect out of the world. Being the oldest sibling gives them the opportunity to be the "mentor" or "teacher" to their much younger siblings, giving them a role to play as a child.

These are all wonderful qualities in a person that you should look inside yourself for. They may not all be related to you, but trust that you may have an intelligence greater than others if you just so happen to have any of these traits to your personality.


Man Buys Stranger's Groceries When Overhearing Her Tell Her Daughter They Can't Afford To Eat That Night

Kindness is within us all

A man has recently been getting attention online for his inspiring act. One night, while he was minding his own business, he was confronted with a family in need. He had two options. He could have done the same thing everyone else did in the store and let them figure it out for themselves, or he could be their hero that day and help them out within his means.

The thing is, the man didn't have much money himself, and he was working two jobs to support himself and his kid. Here's how he decided on what to do.

Meet Bear, A Man Who Works Double Shifts To Live

Bear's shirtless selfie covered in tattoos and smirking

therealbearjr / Instagram

It was a day like most for Bear, as he had just pulled two fourteen-hour shifts in a row and needed some food, but had no energy left to make it. He writes this on a post on Facebook and explains that this actually didn't turn out to be like most days: I stopped by the grocery store to grab food for dinner and as I was checking out a woman started crying in the next checkout line."

Bear listened in on the conversation between a mother and her daughter, and it was heartbreaking.

The Little Girl Asked Her Mom Why She Was Crying

woman walks with basket in grocery store with empty aisle

Martijin Boudain / Unsplash

At first, it's easy to assume the mom is just having a bad day, maybe she got into a fight with her husband or is tired from looking after her kid. As he listened in, ge overheard the girl ask her mom what was wrong, as she continued to stand crying in the lane right next to hers.

"Her daughter asked her what's wrong and she all she could say was, 'we can't afford to eat tonight.''" These are the words that no parent wants to imagine ever needing to say to their child, who depends on them just to live. Yet, it is the unfortunate case for many.

Food Insecurity Is A Real Problem

food items stacked up

Nico Smit / Unsplash

Food insecurity is a problem for many families across the country. This problem has gotten even worse with the pandemic as many families who relied on their small businesses had to shut down and couldn't make do anymore.

Even then, this problem existed before the pandemic and still continues today. In fact, the U.S Department of Agriculture reports that 10.5 percent (13.8 million) of U.S. households were food insecure at some time during 2020 and this number is unchanged from 2019.

This Time It Would Be Different

Bear and son take selfie in the city with red masks on

therealbearjr / Instagram

For a lot of food-insecure families, they simply would have had to walk out of that grocery store empty-handed, with a kid possibly going to bed hungry that night. For this mom, kindness was in the cards, At first, another person who also overheard her gave them a few dollars towards their groceries.

But Bear knew she needed more than that. He walked over to the mom and her daughter and told them he would pay for their food and to get whatever they want. He writes on Facebook: "A person behind her gave her a couple of dollars and she bought her daughter a Kids Cuisine TV dinner. I told her to grab what she wants, I'll pay for it."

All In Divine Timing

walart staff stands in front of entrance with "thank you" sign

walmartcanada / Instagram

Was Bear's presence in that mothert's life at that time and place just a coincidence? Bear doesn't think so. He explains that he never actually shops at that store but for whatever reason, he felt inclined to do so that night. He think the reason for it comes down to divine timing…

"I NEVER stop at this Walmart. I'm simply saying GOD puts you where he needs you to be WHEN he needs you to be there"

People Find Bear Inspiring

Bear and son pose for picture while sitting on green chair

therealbearjr / Instagram

Bear's Facebook post has gotten a lot of attention as many who read it are inspired by his selfless act. For all he knows, he could have saved that family that night.

"That's my little Brother doing what moms told us to do when women and children are in need, we help them out with whatever they need. GOD put you in the right place last night. Thanks for helping a woman and her children with the food they need to eat so they don't go hungry. God's got you," a person commented.

Whether it was a divine intervention or simply the actions of a kind man, it brought good into the world and we only hope things like this continue to happen to make it a better place.

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