Only 1% of People Can Find The ONE Hidden Flamingo Immediately

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This photo of a flock of flamingos hanging out in a public restroom has people guessing. The reason why is because not all of the flock is actually together!

There is one stray bird who chooses to remain completely hidden from the rest of them and it’s making people scratch their heads trying to figure out where it could possibly be.

Although only about 10% of people were able to find the bird almost instantly, do you think you can find it?

A fun fact about this photo: This picture was taken in the year 1992 in the bathroom located at Miami Zoo when a massive hurricane had disturbed the friendly skies.

To take shelter from the horrible raging winds, the zookeepers relocated the flamingos into the public restroom so that they may be safe until the hurricane subsided. It’s pretty safe to say that one of those flamingos wanted to be a little bit more secure than the others.

If you haven’t been able to find the missing flamingo by now, then you must look even harder before giving up all together! This bird really isn’t that hard to find and perhaps you’re just looking in all the wrong places.

Well, to give you a hint you should be looking at the sinks. One of the major hints that we can give is that this bird is definitely NOT hiding in the mirrors. Found it yet?