Science Found This Flirting Strategy To Be Most Effective, Regardless Of Looks

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Some people are experts at flirting while others feel like it’s a foreign language they could never master. While flirting does come more naturally for others, it really just is a way to appeal to a person of interest that could work for anyone. It turns out that there is one kind of flirting strategy that always works for everyone and in every situation.

This should be a prayer answered for all those who wonder when they see someone they like “where do I start?” It’s basically foolproof. Here’s what to do.

Do you want to learn a secret technique anyone can master that will make someone fall in love with you?

We Flirt…But Why?

Tongue licking sugared red lips
Rfael Rocha / Unsplash
Rfael Rocha / Unsplash

First things first, let’s go over why we, as human beings, flirt? Or better yet: “what even is flirting?” Take it from an expert. According to Professor Kennair: “Flirting involves different signals that people send to each other. It’s done to attract potential partners. Men and women both flirt to get the attention of a desired partner, and perhaps to achieve a sexual or romantic result from it.”

So basically flirting is how we express desire ad interest for one another while opening the door to explore a connection. This can be done verbally or non verbally with the same goal of attracting a potential partner. However, they do say that actions speak louder than words…