When A Flower Doesn't Bloom

People have all kinds of different opinions on what it means to be treated well, respected, considered, and appreciated.

The thing is, it depends a whole lot on how much the other person respects their self, and how they value a human being in the first place.

Some people shut down when a person they are supposed to respect goes against something else they believe in. It could be a social norm, a religious custom, or an unjust law.

You know the type of situation where you're with somebody who is supposed to have loyalty and respect for you, but because of some social norm or custom that you violated, even when it's not something that should matter in your opinion, their loyalty suddenly vanishes?

People who truly respect and appreciate each other tend to prioritize loyalty over things like the law when it doesn't matter much, or social customs.

For instance, if a family member is supposed to treat you like family, but all of the sudden they don't respect you because they found out you like cannabis or something along those lines, they just prioritized the law over their innate respect for you.

The more accepting and open people are, the better the energy surrounding everyone feels. Doesn't it feel fresh and real, exactly the way things should feel in life when everyone is open and honest?

For honesty and openness, respect is a must.

Brutal honesty

Although plenty of people in this world are hypercritical and find themselves venting on you when you do something they don't like, a respectful and lighthearted form of hard honesty is something that is necessary in just about any social dynamic between two people.

The key is to brush off any negative energy, and without trying to be "fake positive," just be as honest as you can and speak your mind. It's a cleansing thing.

If you agree or disagree with something, speak up! Why?

Because tension builds up between people who don't actually say what is on their minds, and the consequence is this awkward, silent relationship that is much worse than any upheaval that could have been caused by you simply speaking your mind, or voicing a dissenting opinion.

Prioritizing you over what shouldn't matter

When a person who is supposed to respect you prioritizes the law over you, that just isn't right, at least from the perspective of a person who believes in freedom.

Of course there are extreme examples in which a person crosses a line of morality so severe you just can't respect them anymore, but in terms of laws that shouldn't really matter or exist in the first place in the opinion of many, why should someone who is supposed to respect you prioritize that over you?

Living in the moment

You really know a respectful, loyal individual is in your life when you experience a moment together where they prioritize you over whatever situation you both experience.

For instance, say you and a friend are at a protest, and a canister of gas comes flying in the direction of your friend, and you manage to block it. That's a simple, common sense courtesy right?

Well, a lot of people lack that type of backbone. In this world, the only way to function with other people you care about is to treat others how you want to be treated, and nothing in life is that easy.

In places where a culture of respect or consideration for others isn't very prevalent, some people may not even think to do something to protect another person in their presence.

Better yet, if people never experience danger or even a situation that would require them to demonstrate loyalty or respect to their friend or loved one, how would they even know how to handle the situation?

In short, learning the lessons of life requires really experiencing the full spectrum of possibilities, and danger is one of them.

If people try to be too safe, too protected, they will lose the very essence of what it means to be human. Respect and loyalty can only come from situations that require them.

There are things that people do wrong that most can't even put their finger on. You can't really say they did things "wrong" in fact, but rather "not as well as they could be done."

I'm talking about awkward silences, moments that lack consideration for the next person, moments that lead to bad feelings because someone didn't choose to step out of their comfort zone and try what they really knew they should do.

In general, life is much better when people assert themselves and don't hesitate to speak up.

This is the type of climate that builds respect, honesty, loyalty, and good vibes all around. A muscle does not get stronger by avoiding doing what it does.

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