For Some Lucky Signs, This Week Will Be Off To A Fun Start As We Exit Retrograde

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Weekly Horoscopes May 30th – June 5th, 2022

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A cheerful, sociable New Moon in Gemini gets this week off to a fun start. This New Moon is great for a fresh start with studying or writing projects and good energy for making new friends and discovering new interests.

On Friday, Mercury turns direct in Taurus. With the retrograde period over, the vibe changes to a more purposeful and thoughtful one – much less scatterbrained, with less confusion and fewer mistakes likely!

As one retrograde ends, another begins, however. On Saturday, Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius. While this retrograde is in force for the next few months, we must step away from peer pressure and the collective experience and instead look to our own strengths as individuals

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Monday’s New Moon helps to infuse your whole week with freshness and energy. You’ll want to stay busy, Aries, perhaps even taking on extra tasks above and beyond your already hectic workload. This is a lovely week for job satisfaction, and you can make a lot of progress with your personal to-do list too.

Financial hiccups and delays will start to ease once Mercury turns direct on Friday, but you have learned some lessons about budgeting recently, which astrologers suggest will stand you in good stead for the future.

When Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius, it may be time to

consider stepping back from a group or organization which no longer reflects your core values.