5 Gemstones Traditionally Used To Clear Negative Energies

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Ancient cultures used a variety of stones to achieve different spiritual and mental ends. Modern times has seen the decline of these practices but stones are still respected and utilized.

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Stones are created when certain minerals are subject to extreme heat and pressure over extraordinarily long periods of time.

Each individual stone even within it’s specific type of stone. As you shop around for a stone of our choosing, try to pick one that you feel a connection with.

1. Amethyst

Easily one of the more famous healing stones, it is also one of the most common.

Heavily connected with our aura’s and dreams this stone can be effectively worn as jewelry or placed on a table or under a pillow.

Where ever you choose to place it, it will actively work to clear away negativity.

If placed under your pillow, on your night stand or simply near your resting area, it will promote feelings of calm and contentedness.

Amethyst will help you sleep longer, more deeply, and encouraging good dreams. Worn as jewelry, it will clear heavy harmful formation out of your aura and thoughts.