How To Walk Away From Manipulative Parental Behaviors

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Your parents, of all people in the world, are supposed to protect and defend you and help you grow into a functional adult. But like anyone, they can be deeply flawed.

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Sometimes your parents can be manipulative and terrible to you.

The key to being able to have a relationship with manipulative parents is knowing how to walk away from their behaviors. How do we do that?

1. Recognize they don’t actually want to help you.

A woman with a hand in her hair, looking sad.
Unsplash / Molnár Bálint
Unsplash / Molnár Bálint

Manipulative people don’t actually want to help you, they want you to conform to a specific way of living which they themselves endorse.

If your parents try to, for example, send you to specific religious services or force you to take certain college courses, they’re not really looking out for you.

They’re trying to manipulate you into being a specific person.