I Forgive A Lot, But I Only Trust Once

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“Take the risk of awakening your soul – much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will reveal itself to you.”

1. You don’t buy what corporate-controlled media has to say.

Instead, when you want to learn about the world, you peer through the filter of publicly funded media and sources that have no dog in the money fight.

You also tend to avoid punditry. You don’t need anyone to tell you how to think. You’re capable of knowing what to believe on your own.

2. You know that change is so desperately needed.

You look around the world and see people starving, forests destroyed, tribes wiped out, and a world in pain.

You can’t help but want to help. You have trouble understanding how it is the world can be like this, but despair won’t solve anything and you know that.

People may look down at you, but “f*ck them,” should be your response.

3. You keep an open mind.

But you don’t keep it so open that your brains fall out. You have two feet planted firmly on the ground but you are more than ready to experience new cultures and ideas.

4. You question authority.

You’re mature enough to know when the authorities are right, but you also question what they do in the hopes that your questioning will keep the authorities in check.

A healthy democracy comes with a healthy dose of skepticism too.

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