4 Types Of People You Always Want To Have Around

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As you go through life and realize that some of the people you meet that want to be your friend aren’t actually the right type of person that you want to be hanging around all the time.

This is an okay thing to admit because there really is a certain kind of crowd that is made just for you and only you. Here are the types of people you will want to have around all of the time!

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Comedic Friends

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Unsplash / Antonino Visalli
Unsplash / Antonino Visalli

These kinds of friends are made specifically to make you laugh and laugh. They often find good ways to help you laugh at yourself and learn how to enjoy humility a little more.

Sometimes having these kinds of friends around can really teach you how to not take everything so seriously and how to have fun with yourself all the more!

Therapeutic Friends

These kinds of friends or friend are your go to therapist for all your emotional stresses. They are able to listen to your deepest and darkest fears/secrets without ever judging you for them.

These kinds of friends weigh out all the possible things that you could do as well as the things you haven’t even considered trying.

It’s always good to have a friend who can match you on this kind of level.

Optimistic Friends

This kind of friend is your go to motivator. They are always encouraging or cheering you on from the sidelines and always want you to come out on top.

Whenever you are feeling down about yourself, this friend will make you forget all of the bad thoughts in your head entirely just by showing you the bright side of things. Always keep these friends around.

Teaching Friends

These kinds of friends love to give others great advice as well as wisdom. They are your go to mentors, ready to show you the dark and the light in the world.

They tend to like to show their friends that things can be good as well as bad and how we can cope with going about our daily lives as to how we can tackle our everyday adversities.

There is always more room for learning. What better way to learn than from your close friends?

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