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You’ll never eat McDonald’s french fries again after watching this

World famous active and author Michael Pollan has made the argument that home cooking is one of the easiest and most important ways people can improve their overall health.

If everyone started cooking at home more often, we would be able to focus on building local communities, fixing our struggling economy, and break our dependence on the system!

The video below is a clip from a speech he gave which discusses how McDonald's chooses their potatoes for their french fries.

Most people know that fast food isn't the place to go if you're looking for healthy options, but many people still don't realize how toxic some of this food truly is.

Your body is literally a temple and it should be treated as such. Consuming poison on a regular basis is no way to treat your temple.

As our modern society continues to develop more types of cancer, the world will be forced to study the link between pesticides and diseases.

If you want see the full speech from Michael Pollan watch the video below!

How Cooking Can Change Your Life – Michael Pollan

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