ADHD Does Not Exist! Here's Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

In the United States, 9% of children are medicated for ADHD. It's hard to know how many children are diagnosed with ADHD and their parents simply opt not to medicate them for it. Consequently, ADHD diagnoses in France is lass than .5%. Why is ADHD so common here and basically non-existent in France?

Put simply, in France, there are no incentives for pharmaceutical companies to make the drugs and no incentives for doctors to push them on parents. Instead of drugging their kids, they focus on behavioral problems and try to find underlying problems. How many kids in the US do you suppose are treated for ADHD but are simply fed entirely too much sugar?

Put simply, the French don't believe that what we know as ADHD exists in a child's brain. When they see symptoms of the disorder, they treat those symptoms with behavior modification and counseling.

France is even aware of the potential for GMOs, aspartame, artificial flavoring, and other preservatives causing what we call ADHD and will sometimes encourage parents to remove these factors from the diets of their kids.

So instead of numbing their hyperactive kids, they work with them to find the root of their hyperactivity, and if anything, put that energy to good use. Besides, kids deserve the opportunity to be excited and run around. It's what kids do!

What do you think? Is ADHD a real disorder? Do nearly 1 in 10 American children have it? Weigh in in the comments below.


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