From Gossiping To Binge Watching, Here’s Every Zodiac Sign’s Guilty Pleasure

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Guilt is a funny feeling, as its origin point often has nothing to do with us, but plenty to do with others. Of course, there are times when you’ve done something wrong and feel guilty about it, but usually, guilt is a driver of shame, which is purely based on others’ perceptions of us.

How does one identify when any guilt they feel is warranted or overblown? You have to examine the source, a common one being our very own guilty pleasures.

Before you dive into your guilty pleasures, you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path and what some struggle with this season, might not be applicable to you too.

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A Little Guilt, A Little Pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. Something we enjoy, feel a tiny bit bad about (or a lot bad about), but continue to do anyway despite those telltale feelings of, well, guilt.

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They’re totally natural to have and completely harmless! The guilt doesn’t come from any sort of moral standpoint but more a sense of embarrassment or a fear of what others might think should they find out.

Our guilty pleasures can range wildly, but our star signs can somewhat predetermine them. Those under the same sign tend to have the same ones thanks to their similar traits, so here’s what your and every other sign might consider their guilty pleasure.



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Aries loves, loves, loves to get in a good debate. I won’t say that all Aries folk are looking for a fight, but they do love a low-stakes argument-adjacent scenario they can use to get out some verbal aggression, you know?

It fits right in with their known passionate and firey personality. Of course, they want to defend their beliefs to intellectual death! If they can’t die on this hill, how else are they meant to go out?

Just be sure to check both yourself and your debate opponent occasionally to ensure neither of you is taking things too seriously.



A display counter filled with a variety of desserts, mainly donuts.
Pexels / Igor Ovsyannykov
Pexels / Igor Ovsyannykov

Taurus is a sign with a rather well-known sweet tooth. Either you relish in it, or you’ve spent years training yourself away from it in exchange for something healthier. Even then, you find yourself drawn towards natural sugars to satiate that same craving.

For those living it up in their dessert-loving lives, you’ll find some reason to have something sweet after every meal if you could. You firmly believe that it enhances meals and leaves you feeling even more fulfilled, and good on you for enjoying life while you’re living it!



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Geminis love to be in everyone else’s business without actually being involved…if you catch my drift. They love to latch onto rumors, listen in to gossip, and know what’s going on in social circles they’re not even part of just for the thrill of knowing a secret.

There’s an extra thrill that comes with said gossip being told by a friend, but Geminis aren’t picky, happily willing to listen to anything anyone will let them in on. It’s not like you’re going around and revealing these secrets, right? So there’s no harm done in your enjoyment of a little drama!


Creature comforts, namely media-related.

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This could be binge-watching your favorite TV series for the 20th time, listening to that one album you’ve been playing on repeat since your teenage years, or sitting down to have another analytical reread of that book series you’re already an expert on. No matter the media chosen, Cancer loves to fall back on its comfortable laurels and indulge in familiarity.

They’re a little shy about it sometimes, as these types of comfort picks can seem juvenile or childish, but know that you’re not alone. Everyone has something from their childhood they would revisit in an instant. If anything, you’re the smarter one for giving in to that urge and bringing yourself joy!


Extreme social media presence.

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You, Leo, have one of two relationships with social media. You either post on it constantly and find it fun, or you’re hardly ever on it. No matter which way you swing, you like the attention it brings. If you’re on it constantly, the feedback loop of notifications is satisfying to your mind, so much so that you’ll go out of your way to start debates in comment sections or otherwise so you can keep seeing more.

If you’re hardly ever on it, you like the elusiveness it adds to your character. You enjoy being perceived as mysterious and unknowable, even if that means inadvertently cutting yourself off from friends who would love to know what you’re up to.

No matter your side, it might be time to examine your relationship with social media and understand what it’s actually serving you.


Correcting other people’s writing.

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Virgo, ever the analyst and the perfectionist, would have made for an excellent English teacher in another life (Unless you’re an English teacher now, in which case, congrats, you’ve found yourself the perfect job!). If there’s one thing they love but know they can’t indulge in without seeming rude, it’s correcting others’ grammar online.

Their desire to do so comes from a genuine place of love and support, but because you’ve swooped in without asking and provided nothing else to the conversation besides a “*you’re,” the advice you’re giving sounds more pedantic than helpful. Time and place, Virgo, time and place…


Cannot be alone romantically.

A young couple hanging out together at a waterfront, the woman leaning on the man's shoulder.
Pexels / Elle Hughs
Pexels / Elle Hughs

Libra is the sign most likely to hop from relationship to relationship while their last one is still fresh. They enjoy relationships, and they like the act of being in one. While that’s not inherently bad, it can lead to some less-than-stellar partners simply because you crave that feeling of dating so much.

You crave connection, companionship, and love, but other ways exist without throwing your life away on partners that aren’t right for you. You’re better off learning how to live with yourself or greatly raising your standards, whichever will best keep you safe.


Stalking online.

Someone scrolling through another person's Instagram account.
Pexels / Lisa Fotios
Pexels / Lisa Fotios

This sounds a lot more intense than it is on the surface, but depending on how strongly a certain Scorpio feels about someone, it can grow in severity. To stalk someone online is to constantly check their social media accounts, often without actually following them. You want to know what they’re up to, who they’re with, and how their life is going.

Common targets for online stalking are exes of any sort, but bad blood isn’t needed. Sometimes, Scorpios are just looking for a little drama to cash in on. Either way, they’re very good at keeping tabs on others and don’t feel bad about it at all. After all, social media is public, right?


Being preachy.

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Sagittarius doesn’t just think they’re right; they know they’re right and aren’t afraid to act like it. Like Aries, they enjoy a good intellectual discussion or debate about world affairs but don’t think this is a debate you can win. Sagittarius is one of the lesser-known stubborn signs who wouldn’t even dream of budging from their current stance on most things.

That’s where the issue comes in, as sometimes, when discussing these topics for which they feel so passionately, the way they talk comes off as less of a debate and more of a preaching session. You’re allowed to think you’re right, Sag, but if you’re wanting others to listen to you, you have to listen to them, too.


Tough love.

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Friends of Capricorns know that they are great people to get advice from. They’re pragmatic, realistic, and don’t shy away from delivering harsh truths when the time calls for it. They don’t want to treat their loved ones like helpless children who don’t know any better.

With that said, it can sometimes go a bit too far. In their quest for brutal honesty, they can pass the threshold into needless cruelty, which isn’t fun for anyone. Capricorn, it’s best that you learn sooner rather than later the difference between realistic advice and just plain mean comments about your friends’ behavior.


Always having the unpopular opinion.

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Aquarius is a sign known for its uniqueness and desire to go against the grain, both wonderful traits in today’s society! They don’t feel any shame when it comes to being the odd one out in a group and pride themselves on being generally different from most people they meet.

However, it does reach a breaking point in which you might force yourself to change your opinions so you can stay the odd one out. This is where your identity starts to rank above your values, which is no way to live. You’re allowed to agree with the crowd on some things, it doesn’t undermine your individuality!


Being too lax.

A woman seated pleasantly in a chair, holding a mug to her mouth, knees drawn to her chest.
Pexels / Andrew Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrew Piacquadio

Pisces, you’ve always been praised for being adaptable. You’re known to go with the flow, to handle change well, and to generally be down for anything. These traits on their own aren’t bad, not at all, but since you know this behavior gets you praise and favor from your friends, you start to forgo your own desires so you can remain the laid-back person of the group.

It’s easy to leave all the decision-making and event planning in the hands of others, but you’re allowed to want things too! You have a lot of wonderful ideas that your loved ones would want to hear.

All Pleasure, No Guilt

So, as you can see, everyone has vices they feel a little shame in partaking in, but none of them are truly that bad. They come from the same place every other human emotion comes from, the desire to be seen and understood by others. We hide the parts of us that make us feel bad, but we also can’t deny the happiness they bring us.

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If you’ve ever felt bad for doing any of the things above, here’s your official permission to let that go. Your joys need not be tamped down, and the guilt you feel does not indicate that others will think poorly of you. So long as you’re staying safe and happy, there’s no wrong way to get there.

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