From World Genius To Having His Brain Stolen And Stored In A Jar For 40 Year, A Forgotten Story

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Einstein didn’t become a celebrity till the year 1919 when his theory of relativity changed the world but his story started long before and continued long after. This is the tragic yet inspiring rue story of the man whowon the Nobel Prize for explaining the Photoelectric Effect in the year 1921.

The story serves as a reminder that if you’re passionate about your work,you shouldn’t wait for recognition recognition. chances are people won’t be able to understand or appreciate what you’re doing till long after, and when they finally do, they might go to great length to try and recreate what you did, even if that means literarly stealing your brain and storing in a cookie jar for 40 years….

It All Started With A Compass

lbert Einstein (1879-1955) at 3, 1882

Photo by Apic/Getty Images

Photo by Apic/Getty Images

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Germany. You might not expect this but he actually was a slow learner and didn’t even start speaking till he was 2. On average, most kids start speaking at just 12 months.

One day, his dad decided to give him a compass, having no idea this would change his life. Einstein would spend hours on end just looking at the compass. He couldn’t understand why it always pointed in the north direction, no matter where he moved. This sparked his interest in how things work.