Full Beaver Moon: Get Ready To Go Back In Time With The Energy Shift

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This week, a reflective Taurus Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs on November 19th calling on you to reconnect with your playful, curious self. Known as the “Beaver Moon,” this potent lunation is all about finding that childlike joy that seemed so natural when you were younger.

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Understanding Defense Mechanisms

person with brown eyes laying horinzontally

Zalmaury Saaved / Unsplash

Zalmaury Saaved / Unsplash

Oftentimes, as adults, we can forget this part of ourselves. Caught up in the dramas and complications of day-to-day life that inner light becomes obscured. For many, this is a defense mechanism.

You may become cynical or a “realist” as a means to protect yourself from unpleasant realities — or even to help summon the strength and willpower necessary to support yourself and your family during trying times.