Full Cold Moon In Gemini On December 19 Expected To Open Doorway Between Two Worlds

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This week, a contemplative Full Moon in Gemini rises on December 19th, setting us up for big shifts in our understanding of how we have grown and changed this year, and what we can leave behind.

As the last Full Moon of the year, this one is particularly symbolic, representing the ending of one learning cycle and beginning of another.

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Easing Into The Doorway

man standing on arch doorway

Sulliman Sallehi / Pexels Via Canva

Sulliman Sallehi / Pexels Via Canva

rather than urging you to jump headfirst into the new year, this lunation asks that you take time to sit in the doorway between these worlds.

Let yourself exist in this liminal space, where you can reflect on how you have grown, without feeling any particular pressure to make new changes or “resolutions” for yourself just yet.