Full Cold Moon In Gemini On December 19 Expected To Open Doorway Between Two Worlds

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This week, a contemplative Full Moon in Gemini rises on December 19th, setting us up for big shifts in our understanding of how we have grown and changed this year, and what we can leave behind.

As the last Full Moon of the year, this one is particularly symbolic, representing the ending of one learning cycle and beginning of another.

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Easing Into The Doorway

man standing on arch doorway

Sulliman Sallehi / Pexels Via Canva

Sulliman Sallehi / Pexels Via Canva

rather than urging you to jump headfirst into the new year, this lunation asks that you take time to sit in the doorway between these worlds.

Let yourself exist in this liminal space, where you can reflect on how you have grown, without feeling any particular pressure to make new changes or “resolutions” for yourself just yet.

Make The Most Of The Space In Between

woman standing in street covered by trees

Scopio Via Canva

Scopio Via Canva

Full Moons help us find peace and do transformational work; they encourage us to let go of the parts that are no longer serving us. In Gemini, the sign of storytelling and visions, this Moon is especially introspective and dreamy.

Slow down as you work with this energy, enjoy occupying that space in between—a space where you can reflect on the challenges and growth you experienced in 2021. Come at this from a positive place: don’t focus on mistakes or failures, but rather lessons learned and new perspectives gained.

Find The Path Of Alignment

someone's legs with runners walking towards sunny pier

Fotorech / Pixabay Via Canva

Fotorech / Pixabay Via Canva

This is a time of spiritual realignment. Not only are things shifting culturally, but spiritually as well. Consider the new ways of life, new opportunities and new challenges that lay ahead. Gemini is always about the way we tell our personal stories; how we talk about ourselves and our own personal mythology.

So as you reflect on that, what habits, thought patterns and behaviors are you ready to leave in the past? What no longer aligns with your highest purpose?

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Explore New Areas

man taking canoe down the water by the mountains

Andrew Ridley / Unsplash

Andrew Ridley / Unsplash

In the context of radically changing landscapes around work and leisure time, this could indicate an opportunity for you to explore new areas of interest, develop new skills or improve work-life balance.

In your personal life, you may feel more open to exploring new interests and creative ideas or recognize you are ready to let go of old relationships so new ones can blossom.

What Lies Past The Door?

half open door in a dark room opening towards a red room

Dima Pechurin / Unsplash

Dima Pechurin / Unsplash

In the doorway between the you of the past and your brilliant future, you don’t need to worry about quick fixes or urgent changes.

Instead, breathe, relax, and take a moment to reflect on your personal story and what new chapters you intended to write in 2022. Under the light of this Full Moon, you are welcoming in transformative change and positivity.

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