Full Flower Moon In Scorpio: Prepare For The Huge Energy Shift On May 7th, 2020

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Something ironic happens when Jupiter is in Capricorn, for around a year, once every 12 years. Everybody becomes hungry, needing financial stability and security, yet the frugal nature of people trying to preserve money creates the very climate that causes people to lack what they need, paradoxically.

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An equation for real hunger, ambition, the desire to secure something solid in life is present in the air.

The Jupiter conjunct Pluto of 2020, the central component to the tone of the year, is accenting the Full Moon’s positive aspects to contemplative, creative Neptune.

A perfect mixture of ambitious, focused and passionate energy that possesses hunger, and the creative, calm, contemplative ocean waters of Neptune, is foreshadowing the Venus Retrograde of the next month.

The depth of introspection, forming plans, using creative power to achieve what is desired, it will be intensified massively and given this loopy, hazy vibe by Venus Retrograde, square Neptune, stuck for 3 straight weeks after this.

This Full Moon kicks off the themes of Venus Retrograde. For your individual sign, the Lunar event should feel something like this.


Although your sudden, unquestioning brand of fire has been central in 2020 already, at this part of the Lunar cycle it’s not as at the forefront as the last month for instance.

Not as much emphasis is being placed on you in the Full Moon, or the themes surrounding it. This may actually give you a breath of fresh air, room for contemplation and vision rather than action.