Full Harvest Moon In Pisces: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On September 10th 2022

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On September 10, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces, which will bring with it a time for poetry, creativity and culmination.

September’s full moon has been called by its Old European name, the Harvest Moon, since at least 1706, according to NASA.This is the closest full moon to the autumn equinox.

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Powerful Piscean Lunation

A cycle is coming to an end, and another is starting. In order to progress, you are required to let go of outdated identities, routines, and ways of holding oneself accountable.

full moon  bright over city
Thula Na / Unsplash
Thula Na / Unsplash

Accepting imagination and the unseen realm are important themes for Piscean energy, and they become even more so during this powerful lunation.

A Global Awakening

The world puts so much emphasis on working hard, overcoming stress and disappointment, and continuously pursuing “more.” However, more and more individuals, especially in recent years, are starting to reject ideas about what success really entails and how much of their own time, energy, and ambitions they are ready to give up in order to amass financial fortune or aid others in doing so.

woman waking up in bed under blankets
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

This Piscean Full Moon encourages you to take a mental break from the physical bustle of daily life and re-establish contact with your inner dream world, the secret realm alive by your daydreams and visions.

Find Genuine Purpose

As one lunar cycle ends and the next one begins, take note of the parts of yourself that are changing.

woman makes heart sign with her hands facing the sun
Jackson David / Unsplash
Jackson David / Unsplash

You will be able to identify with your genuine purpose by doing this by drawing on your creative side and personal poetry.

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The Impact Of Virgo Season

With the Sun firmly in Virgo season this Full Moon is infused with wisdom, clarity and vision. The wisdom of the Sage Mother is here to assist you in listening to your soul’s song and honestly examining how you are evolving and blending with the universe so that you might once more become fresh.

Man holding up glasses while blurry behind it
Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Release any habits or patterns you are clinging onto that are no longer useful. Ask for their release, then let your dreams fill the empty space with visions of the precise person you wish to become going forward.

Expect To Feel Vulnerable

This Full Moon may make you feel particularly vulnerable, and when I consider its energies, a powerful image comes to mind: You will feel lighter when you let go of the weights of the pieces of yourself that you no longer require because you are floating alone on an ocean of opportunity.

woman bathing by full moon in lake
Arun Regi / Unsplash
Arun Regi / Unsplash

You can make out a dazzling horizon in the distance that symbolizes the precise person you want to become and the future you want. Let the winds of transformation gently carry you to the new dawn.

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