New Moon In Cancer: Be Prepared For A Major Shift On July 4th

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If you recall, the “Summer of Love” solstice that began last month was just one of the many amazing astronomical events that plans to take place in the moonlit sky.

However, there is another amazing phenomena that is going to happen, a New Moon that is expected to set within Cancer tonight on the fourth of July around 11 AM UTC.

The thing about the last amazing full moon that took place in Sagittarius was suppose to ignite the fire of love within everyone, essentially being referred to as “the major shift.”

The new moon within Cancer combined with the power of Mercury, Venus, and the sun has the capabilities of reigniting our passion for each other, the world, and overall, giving us brand new perspectives to look at as well as to consider.

However, it also said that this new moon has the capabilities of bringing out the worst aspects of people during this time in their lives. It is all dependent on the way you feel and what you desire most in the world. Sometimes, those intentions are not always good and in fact can cause more harm than we expected. It is very important that we remind ourselves what are our most important priorities are as of this moment.

Now is the time to consider where our true intentions really lie. Not just within our personal world but the entire world as a whole. Clearly, there is a very distinct aggressive disturbance within nature that is unsettling all of it’s inhabitants which indicate that we may be running out of time to fix things.

Now is the time to really look inward and fight for the things that we believe are right in the world. We must stand up for ourselves and protect the things we love most.

For this 4th of July, really take the time to look at all that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve missed out on, and decide for yourself as to how you are going to make, not only your world, but everyone else’s that much better.

We must come together tonight and realize our fullest potential as a society. Humans are capable of so many great things, it’s time now more than ever we start working together to fix everything that has been broken.

There is not a lot of time to do it, but we are going to have to summon the courage to find true happiness and peace in the world once more. The way is long but we can make it easy on each other. Fall in love, not in line. See the world for what it really is.