Today’s Christmas Full Moon Has Created Increased Emotional Connectivity With Others

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Today, an unusual thing happened. There hasn’t been a full moon on Christmas since 1977 and there won’t be one again until 2034. Not only was there a full moon today, but the moon found itself in Cancer at 11:11am Universal Time. Its polarity was Capricorn. This makes for some interesting emotional connectivity.

Cancer is all about family, nurturing, and feeling secure. It’s a water sign ruled by the moon. Capricorn tends to be associated more with management, ambition, discipline, and social status.

When in Cancer, the moon creates a nice, warm opposition to the serious nature of the Capricorn sun. But it can also create moodiness and instability. There are things you’re going to want to do during this time and also avoid.

During this emotional time, it’s easier to slip into bad habits and become overly intoxicated. We’ll be more likely to slip up and get in trouble with our friends, family, work, or even the law. Take care that you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing.

Instead, focus on the polar opposite. Give back to your community. Take care of others in need. Donate food, money, or your time. This is a good time for emotional releases, like going for a hike, writing poetry, meditating, etc.

Mostly, take this time to consider how you can be the best you possible. The Christmas full moon could herald some major changes in your life.