Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – June 5th 2020

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June 5th at 3:12 pm EST we will experience a partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon that connects to the North and South Nodes. The nodes of the Moon are points of alignment between the Sun’s orbit and the Moon’s orbit. Basically, Lunar Eclipse energy is like a Full Moon that is amped up and ready to roar.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Growth and Expansion

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth align. This energy likes to get straight to the point. There is no ignoring or avoiding when we are in Eclipse energy.

An Eclipse is like a high speed train that takes us straight to our destination. There’s no stops or layovers. This energy can be intense to say the least; but it also offers a massive opportunity to grow and expand.

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Eclipse energy is a time of alignment. We can think about Eclipses as energetic chiropractic adjustments. The way a chiropractor aligns our spines, these transits streamline our energy.

This means whatever is out of balance will become increasingly clear.

Think about it, we usually go to the chiropractor when we are sore. This means it’s completely normal to feel bent out of shape right now.

Eclipses are like a reminder to stand up straight and as this energy progresses there are a lot of us who are slouching.