Full Moon In Sagittarius: Be Prepared For A Major Shift On June 20th

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A major shift is underway, a shift many are calling a celestial “revolution of love. Tomorrow, on June the 20th, 2016, the full moon will find its way into Sagittarius on the summer solstice. What an event!

The summer solstice full moon will actually be the second full moon in Sagittarius in the last 30 days and marks the end of an astrological era. This event is being called a revolution of love because Venus, a planet known for millennia to represent harmony and loving care, has appeared very close to the sun since the middle of April and will continue to be fairly close through July 15th.

The full moon of the summer solstice is only the beginning though. Once Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th (through the 10th of October, 2017), the love revolution is on full blast! Pretty much everything we can learn from the stars will be overpowered by Venus, and themes of love, peace, and harmony will perpetuate everything we do. With Uranus and Eris also joining Jupiter in Libra, this celestial event will be absolutely out of this world.

With all of these events entering into perfect alignment this fall, the power of the moon will be amplified unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory. The Earth hasn’t been blessed with this kind of loving celestial energy since 1967. If you’ve studied your history, the late 60’s was a turning point in the fight against wars of aggression in Southeast Asia and an era of “free love.”

Additionally, Jupiter and Virgo will appear close together near the “North Nodes of Fate” at a 15 degree angle. This will actually be the third time this year it’s happened, and prior to 2016, it hasn’t blessed us since 1842. This is an event that will open some doors for us that we may not have ever really considered. It’s another time to consider love coming from unusual or unexpected places.

The subsequent full moons in Sagittarius will give us incredible new insight into new adventures, new loves, as well as accepting things we can’t change and changing things we cannot accept. There is a wellspring of loving energy we’ll be able to tap into during this time. This is a shift, a real shift, we’ll be able to feel deep within ourselves. Accept what the universe has to offer us in these coming months. We’ll come out on the other end better for it.

Thanks to Empower Astrology