Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius Is Also A Lunar Eclipse – June 5th 2020

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The importance of this eclipse and its reverberating effect throughout the next month can hardly be overemphasized. It occurs in this bizarre way, to specifically energize and encourage the active nature of ordinarily introverted people, while encouraging people of the opposite modality, the extroverted people, to instead contemplate things and dive into a realm of introspection.

This is the dynamic of the square between the Axis of Introversion (Virgo/Pisces) and Axis of Extroversion (Gemini/Sagittarius), and it takes central focus in the Extroversion Axis Eclipse squaring Mars + Neptune in Pisces.

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Firewater is 2020’s theme, the mixture of passion and energy, with vision and substance in the mind. To understand how each sign will experience the year of Firewater, here’s some info.


The eclipse occurs in positive aspect to your sign, in a configuration that might uniquely channel this very motivated, “envisioning something” type of vibe, like a final spark of genius that precedes full blown action.