Rare Full Moon In Taurus: Prepare To Enter The Energy Gateway

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For astrologers around the world, there’s a lot happening this week.

Not only do we have a Full Moon in Taurus, but Mercury made an incredibly rare pass between the Earth and the Sun – an event that only takes place 13 times every century and won’t occur again until 2032.

The transit of Mercury basks this full moon in mystery and, if we aren’t careful, tumultuous, chaotic energy.

A transit of Mercury may reveal secrets to you, some of which you may not have wanted to know. Proceed cautiously through this full moon in Taurus.

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Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

If you’ve been working on big things, now is the time to strike. Set them into motion. This full moon will give you the type of energy you need in order to strategize on the fly and make things happen.

But don’t take too much of a scattershot approach – instead, focus your energy on one or two things that you really want to land.

When the sun rises on a new day, hit the ground running. You’ll find this full moon’s lunar energy is like the wind at your back, Aquarius.