Full Pink Super Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On April 7th 2020

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As the New Moon plants a seed and the Full Moon tends to bring that original idea to its fullest form, this one is the peak of a first, massive wave of active, in motion, vibrant energy resembling the years of 2011 – 2015 much more than 2016 – 2019.

Every single thing about this Full Moon says “action.”

It’s in the sign of Mars, Aries, the first sign associated with the impulse necessary to truly bring an idea to fruition, and the Sun forms a strong biquintile to Mars in electric, “flash of thought” Aquarius.

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This is the chart for the Full Moon of Total Re-Awakening, a crucial moment in 2020 that resembles no moment in the past 4 years except 2017.

Moon Chart April 7th, 2020

The extremely energetic, focused and ambitious Jupiter conjunct Pluto was kicked off into full motion a couple weeks ago, with the triple conjunction (alignment) of Mars/Jupiter/Pluto.

At that time, the surge in passion and energy in people, the in motion, active tone in the air, was still under the influence of a little bit of pondering, slow water energy.

Now, the influence of pure fire and activity is coming to life, and the slightly slow, still contemplative energy of last week has faded with Mars’ conjunction to Saturn now ending, and Mars moving forward in a very energetic sign.

As the last New Moon was biquintile Mars/Jupiter/Pluto, it remains biquintile Mars, which is a potent, extended equation for things falling into place perfectly like puzzle pieces, like synchronicity (associated with that aspect, an aspect of the 5 pointed star).

The flow of intuition, waves of new thought, insight, even potentially psychic phenomena is represented in this part of the lunar cycle, with the Sun and Moon locked into semisextile/quincunx with Neptune.

Adding to this theme of intuition flowing, the South Node is still conjunct Quaoar, an intuiton linked dwarf planet.

A complex of Venus/Uranus/South Node/Quaoar, perfect for intuition and original thought flowing like a circuit of electricity, well it adds to the tone of this Full Moon and it will come to the forefront even more in the next New Moon.