Full Strawberry Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On June 16th 2019

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Spring of 2019 has been a tumultuous season.

The stars and planets have been positioned in a way that promotes change on both a small and large scale, culminating with the new moon rising in Gemini on June 3.

For people and communities, disruption and big decisions have ruled the day. As you head into mid-month, expect things to come into sharper focus as you set your eyes on a new goal.

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Strawberries and Honey: Traditions of the June Full Moon

Throughout the world, June’s full moon has associations with ripening and the fullness of life.

In North America, indigenous peoples called it the Full Strawberry Moon because of the berries they collected around that time.

In Europe, terms like Honey Moon and Mead Moon presented early summer as a time to wed.

Newly married couples in Europe received mead and honey as gifts, a custom that probably gave rise to the modern term “honeymoon” probably comes from this tradition.

Pagan cultures talk about the June full moon as the Lovers’ Moon and perform sweetening rituals. In India, married couples celebrate the June full moon as Vat Purnima.

This tradition calls on married women to fast, put on particularly beautiful saris, and wrap a thread seven times around a banyan tree. This expresses a wish that their husbands will live long and be happy.