Full Strawberry Moon: Get Ready For The Energy Shift On June 14th 2022

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This week, an inspiring Super Full Moon in Sagittarius will rise on June 14th. Known as the Strawberry Moon, this magnificent lunation will be able to view new horizons and opportunities from an expanded and philosophical perspective.

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A Full Moon Ruled By Sagittarius

Ruled by Sagittarius, the most optimistic and imaginative of the zodiac signs, this Super Full Moon serves as an important reminder to never lose sight of your connection to something much bigger than yourself.

Sagittarius Constellation in the night sky
ifc2 / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
ifc2 / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

For this reason, you should think about all the beautiful things you have done and continue to do for your loved ones, your friends, and your community — and what you would like to do moving forward. How will you bring your personal value system into the world?