Full Sturgeon Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On August 15th 2019

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This upcoming full moon is genuinely one that will not be forgotten.

People who pay attention to synchronicity and believe in a certain code of fate will immediately notice it occurs at 22 degrees Leo and Aquarius, in perfect conjunction to Venus as well at 22 degrees Leo, emphasizing social interaction, romantic encounters, connections between people and the fabric of culture.

This is the number that has been repeatedly emphasized with astrology in recent times, in my opinion for the fact that one of the most important aspects of this entire decade sees its first exact peak at 22 degrees Capricorn: Saturn conjunct Pluto.

It has been suggested that people in power believe in sort of encoding events with numbers, in order to achieve some result from the universe.

It’s debatable whether or not this is actually possible, but some speculate that events publicized in the media may purposefully use a certain number, such as 22, to somehow align with an energy that is inherently present in the astrology of this upcoming period of time.

It’s an objectively true fact that astrological events continue to happen with an unusual amount of “22’s.”

The full moon also peaks at the very end of the night on the west coast of America, right around 5:15 a.m. on August 15.

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It occurs with Jupiter and Saturn in perfect semisextile, one sign apart, in their own signs for the first time in 12 years and 30 years, 14 degrees and 14 degrees of their respective signs.

With that synchronicity aside, which seems to simply suggest that we should pay attention when we see that number and pay attention to this time in general, here’s the astrological effect this full moon will have on us.

As you can see in the chart for the full moon above, there are a very unusual amount of golden lines being drawn.

Those are quintile aspects, the degrees of a pentagram or 5 pointed star.

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The quintile is a hidden aspect in astrology you can only see if you specifically render the chart that way, and considering how every nation in the world seems obsessed with the 5 pointed star and it decorates flags everywhere, one would think perhaps this astrology aspect was deliberately hidden or occulted from mainstream astrology.

Study of the quintile suggests it is a downright divine aspect, something like a “super-trine,” or super functional aspect.

It’s also associated with synchronicity itself, things mysteriously and perfectly falling into place, and it also seems to have a certain imaginative, rich, purposeful flavor similar to Uranus/Neptune or Aquarius/Pisces.

The Sun and Venus in perfect conjunction (alignment) at 22 degrees Leo form the quintile aspect to Saturn + the South Node (eclipse point) in Capricorn, while Mars in Leo forms a quintile to Pluto, fusing together Saturn and Pluto to even further emphasize that conjunction, which peaks at 22 degrees during a second eclipse conjunct it in January 2020.

That may sound complicated, but what it means is we’re about to experience a divine, fateful, purpose and synchronicity-laden (quintile) activation of the purging, changing, structure-shifting Saturn conjunct Pluto.

It means the difficult, heavy, yet somewhat powerful and divine energy we’ve been experiencing this year is about to take a turn for the fateful.

Not only that, but we will feel this fateful resolution to the difficulties together, with our friends, with our significant others and the social element of it is of course Venus.

The gem of blessing that comes out of the intense and quite difficult Saturn conjunct Pluto of 2019 and 2020 is going to pop out at us around August 15, and likely for a week or two after due to the delayed nature of these aspects.

At this exact moment, and at the exact moment those disasters that are being highly publicized occurred in the US, we are being hit with the delayed effect of the eclipse conjunct Saturn and Pluto in the middle of July.

If you feel something intense and strange in the air, growing into something more powerful and positive, that’s it.

Eclipses typically take 2-3 weeks to reach their true effect after the event, and as many astrologers predicted, disaster struck.

September 11, 2001 was the last time Saturn and Pluto formed a hard aspect like this, Saturn opposition Pluto, and for several years before this moment astrologers predicted some disasters of epic proportion would occur around July 2019 and January 2020.

To sum it up once again, this full moon is a very positive sign after a chaotic eclipse, a sign that the gem of growth, blessing, and fate to emerge from a difficult year is without a doubt going to become clear.

The energy of Leo itself is sunny, warm, gregarious and full of humanity. It’s a creative energy, an ambitious one, and one full of heart.

Leo’s opposite, Aquarius, completes the axis of creation by beaming this energy of intelligence, original thought, the will to learn, the energy of ideology and that which is revolutionary into the warmth and hearty social sense of Leo, removing the detached and sciency qualities of Aquarius in exchange for more warm and human feelings.

Our creative spirit and desire to assert our right to be free, prosperous, vibrant and everything we want to be will become emphasized on August 15 and for a week or two after.

Leo is the sign of the Sun, and Aquarius is the sign of the “second Sun,” Uranus, which is the seat of ideology, belief, original thought, the spark of “this is what I believe in.”

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The Full Moon for All Signs


During this time, you’re one of the number one signs to feel the full intensity of the situation. What must have been incredibly difficult this year is likely to suddenly become energized and conducive to fateful experiences.


You are poised to receive the intelligent, knowledge-seeking, revolutionary energy of this full moon, and you will feel so willing to step outside your comfort zone it will be unlike you.


A very easy-going, warm feeling will accompany you during this time. If anything, the lack of upheaval you experience may leave you feeling like you missed out in retrospect.


The full intensity of upheaval you may have experienced this year is likely to suddenly turn fateful, significant, and resolved. Things that have concerned you for a long time are likely to become resolved in a godly way.


As the sign in which this full moon occurs, you’re likely to experience everybody else relating to you very much, but more specifically, your ambition, will to create, and will to influence others will reach a peak.


You aren’t that heavily aspected during this time, so you’re more likely to feel like a safe outside observer to the events taking place.

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A confident, extroverted wave of warmth leading to social interaction is likely to strike you at this time, particularly because the full moon occurs with the Sun conjunct your planet, Venus, the social planet.


This is never your time of year, and the full moon happens to make a hard aspect to you, both Sun and Moon. The thing is, you’re likely to experience something that feels rough at first, but then fatefully significant and beautiful.


You’re again lucky during this full moon, and if anything, you should hope to experience somewhat more upheaval than you’re used to, or the growth won’t happen.


While the most difficult things this year are happening in your sign, those golden, fateful quintile aspects occur to those planets, beaming all this fateful, warm energy straight to you.


As the sign in which the Moon turns full in, your thinking, learning, ingenuitive and belief-filled energy will be majorly emphasized at this time, and it will be fatefully well received by others.


You are fairly out of the way for this Moon, more of an outside observer, but if you step out of your daydream and go out it is very likely something significant will happen.

Final Thoughts

The more specific you get with your birth chart, the more you can focus on what the moon cycle means to you.

You can learn even more by studying numerology, the science of the numbers in your first name and date of birth.

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