4 Things Only A Gemini Will Understand

If you were born during May 21st all the way to June 20th, then you understand that being a Gemini is one of the most amazing things in the world but can also be one of the most complicated things all at the same time.

Gemini's are given the sign of air, which means that you think you know everything there is to know about everything.

Well, at least you're pretty good at persuading others that you know everything.

If you're dating a Gemini, then you will want to read this to understand why only Gemini's have this much fun.

Prefer To Never Be Tied Down

Gemini's are some of the most free people on the planet. They are the birds who yearn to soar the open skies of the world, explore every cave, dive deep into every fathom, and fall in love with every looker.

This is also dependent on your "twin" and how you feel otherwise. Sometimes, if you're feeling like staying in for the night, your significant other "you" will persuade you go out anyways.

Not Hyperactive Just Really Bored

Gemini's may come off as extremely hyperactive people but are probably just extremely bored with what's going on in that moment in time. They cannot stand still in one spot for too long or they will actually go insane! T

hey get this twitch in their eyes from being so bored that the high amounts of energy they have make them find something else that isn't boring or at least somewhat interesting.

Extremely Outgoing

You cannot ask for a Gemini for a quiet night in because they are going to want to see everything that's out there. Day or night, there is always something that fascinates them enough to go out and get it.

You can either tag along or stay behind, a Gemini has no strict schedule and prefers it that way. You welcome life and it's many adversities as well as people you meet along the way, too!

Have A Hard Time Finishing Things

Gemini's are not the best at finishing things they start. Since they are so enamored with everything else, sticking to one thing may seem impossible to them.

They would rather be out doing something else then sticking to a project they started about three weeks ago before the due date starts to creep up on them.

Sometime's they like to kid themselves in saying that their other twin will do the thing for them. Hopefully.

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