Get Ready For A Passionate Fiery Week, As Venus Changes To Aries And Gives All Zodiacs A Boost

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Get set for an ardent and passionate start to the week as Venus changes signs and arrives in fiery Aries. As well as bringing a spark into your love life, this planetary change of mood is also a welcome boost for finances, especially if you’re running your own business or actively trying to create more income.

A playful Gemini Moon brings some midweek fun. Still, on Thursday, a tricky blend of the Sun and Uranus may provoke egotistical or overly impulsive behavior – watch out for when a gamble becomes a risk.

The weekend offers some creative respite and a lot of stylish flair, as the Leo Moon promotes glamor, big-hearted warmth, and generosity.

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When Venus moves into your own zodiac sign, you’ll be able to blend your signature forthright attitude with a bit more tact than normal. Use this extra charm to boost your chances at home and work – nobody can resist an Aries when Venus is in your corner!

Be careful with a reckless urge to take risks on Thursday, however. Money matters are especially vulnerable to being thrown off track by your determination to go wild. Try to avoid large purchases, impulse decisions, or doing anything you cannot later undo.

The weekend would be a good time to party or indulge your creative streak with your favorite hobby.


Your imagination is both a blessing and a curse this week. Aided by creative Venus, your ruling planet, you’ll be able to set the world alight with your imaginative, creative vision – but at the same time, your dreams may be plagued with anxious nightmares. Take a step back and use some calming strategies to soothe your mental health.

When the Sun and Uranus meet up in Taurus on Thursday, your ego is quite the sight to behold. You can get almost anything done from this same commanding position, but try not to be obnoxious in the process.

A much calmer and more settled weekend beckons, one suitable for DIY, entertaining, or simply chilling out with your family.


Friendships matter a great deal this week, particularly on Monday when Venus moves into this area of your natal birth chart. It’s a fantastic time for making new friends, and indeed for catching up with old ones too. Why not reach out to someone who seems lonely and bring them under your wing?

On Thursday, you may surprise yourself when the Sun and Uranus combine forces to provoke your subconscious. Expect long-buried memories to resurface – or perhaps you can revive a long-abandoned dream.

The weekend is an excellent time to go through your emails and take care of overdue phone calls. Are you due a catchup with someone you miss?

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Making money in your job isn’t enough for you; you’ll want to be comfortable, inspired, and surrounded by the feel-good factor while you’re doing it – especially on Monday when luxury-loving Venus arrives in this area of your natal birth chart. See what you can do to improve your conditions or make your working life less stressful.

Surprise news comes in your social life around Thursday, when someone may pop up out of the blue. Whether you’re happy to see them or not is another matter, but there’s definitely eyebrow-raising potential here.

The weekend brings plenty of reasons to fill your gratitude journal. Be sure to notice the abundance that’s all around you.


If you can, give in to your wanderlust this week. Traveling to somewhere new, even if it’s only local, will open your eyes and renew your spirit. With Venus changing zodiac signs, it could also be vital to invite love into your life or boost your existing relationship.

Be open to surprises at work, too, especially on Thursday when the Sun and Uranus join forces. What seems like an imposition or a burden could well be an opportunity in disguise, so cooperate as much as you can.

Over the weekend, the Moon shines from Leo, making it an ideal time to throw a party, meet up with good friends, or indulge your romantic streak. Make some memories!


You’re not a naturally selfish sign, but as Venus changes zodiac signs on Monday, you’ll feel more and more protective over what – and who – you have. Possessiveness in love is highly likely, and you’ll feel jealous too, even if you have no reason for it. Be conscious of what you’re saying and doing to avoid this escalating into an unnecessary row in your love life.

One way to defuse tension would be to take a surprise trip with your lover. Thursday is a perfect day for this if you can wrangle it, as the Sun and Uranus team up to make any spontaneity memorable and meaningful.

On the other hand, the weekend is the ideal time for rest and recovery, ahead of what looks set to be a busy next week.

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Venus changes zodiac signs on Monday and moves into your opposite zodiac sign, lighting up the love sector of your natal birth chart with passion and playfulness. It’s a fantastic week to be in love. If you’re single, this is also a good time for dating, but take care not to come across too forcefully. Let your gentle nature shine through.

There could be a financial shock or surprise around Thursday when the Sun and Uranus link money and ego. Whatever occurs, you’re well placed to ride out the storm, so don’t panic or over-think it.

Heading into a sociable weekend, enjoy good company from friends and family and allow your worries to fade away.


There’s a very laid-back vibe around you early this week, helped by Venus changing signs on Monday and moving into the wellbeing zone of your natal birth chart. This is quite self-indulgent energy – but why not? A little bit of what you fancy will fill your heart with joy, so go ahead!

Thursday has the potential to be a memorable day in your love life, as the Sun and Uranus team up to bring the wow factor to any surprise you may be planning. Be sure you’ve thought through your plans, though, as impulsive ideas may go off course.

Expect a busy weekend; even if you’re not working, the demands and stresses of work may never be far from your mind. Try to take it easy.


Let your inner child out to play this week! Venus changes signs and lights up the joy area of your natal birth chart – this energy encourages you to get creative, get childish, and do more, much more, of whatever makes you smile. It’s the perfect excuse to focus on yourself.

If you’re trying to improve your health and wellbeing, look to Thursday’s meetup of the Sun and Uranus for a sudden and dramatic burst of enthusiasm and energy. Could this be the kick you need to break a bad habit or forge a new, healthy one?

The weekend’s energy is very outdoorsy and explorative for you – great for a day trip, a hike, or anything else that stretches your wings.

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Calm and serenity descends on your household this week, Capricorn – and not before time! As Venus bathes your family life in bliss, it will also be a good time for making your home beautiful – think redecoration or renovation, or maybe creating your own personal altar for meditation and rest.

There is time for some fun amid the relaxation, however, especially around Thursday. The Sun and Uranus come together to inspire an impulsive decision that is highly creative, imaginative, or just plain crazy- but huge fun, nonetheless!

Look to the weekend for a chance to get your mind back into a more serious mode, ready for next week’s challenges.


Your secret superpower is communication this week, Aquarius. Your already powerful way with words gets a turbo boost when Venus changes signs on Monday, enabling you to say all the right things, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. This should be a huge help at work and in your personal life.

Expect some interesting family-related news midweek, especially on Thursday when the Sun and Uranus team up to create surprises and drama. Hopefully, the news will be good, but it will undoubtedly come out of the blue.

The weekend energies are romantic and loved up, so you won’t need to venture far from home to feel loved, cherished, and adored.


Your eyes may be bigger than your budget this week, so watch out for excess spending! Monday’s zodiac sign change for Venus highlights the money zone of your natal birth chart, and this luxury-loving planet inspires all kinds of shopping extravaganzas. All great fun until the bill arrives.

A brainwave or out-of-the-blue idea on Thursday could prove interesting. Don’t dismiss your wild ideas, as there could be a nugget of gold in there, especially if you’re struggling with handling difficult people at the moment.

Over the weekend, have a go at clearing out your clutter or slimming down your schedule. Anything that makes your daily life easier is well-starred.

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