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5 Signs It's Time To Change Your Life

Are you living to your fullest potential and happiness?

It seems like a tall order but we are geared to fulfill a purpose and naturally developed to be happy. Through the day to day grind of life, we can lose track of our path and priorities.

See if the situations below fit your current lifestyle. It can be scary to break out of the norm and chase our unique passions, but once you start moving to that goal, you will find yourself being accelerated toward that goal.

It's better to try and not succeed than never try. You will be haunted by what could have been.

Even if you aren't immediately and wildly successful, you will learn more than if you ever tried. You will also feel a deeper contentment and sense of happy growth.

If You Are Often Jealous

As you compare your life to others, you find yourself coveting elements in the lives of others. Jealousy is an ugly emotion, and never healthy. Look at why you want what the other person has.

Are you raising their possessions over yours or lowering and de valuing your possessions? In either situation, after acknowledging your feelings and motives, you have two actions.

You either decide this is something you truly want in your life or not. If it is, channel your jealousy into inspiration and work towards a similar effect. If not, focus on your individual path and goals.

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You Never Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Or Break Up Your Routine

Life truly begins on the edge of your comfort zone. We have to practice what we aren't good at yet, and venture into situations we aren't familiar with, in order to grow. Challenging ourselves in this way is difficult, but only for a moment.

If you can brave the awkward feelings and possible embarrassment, you will find that you adapt quickly. The fear of what could go wrong are highly exaggerated. You can always take it slowly, making small steps to build confidence.

You Don't Know Your True Passion And Don't Know How To Make Room For It

Once you realize that you are just living from day to day, just surviving, it can be fairly jarring. To start thriving, it's time to start experimenting.

Start with your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Do what you can to change up your routine and vary what skills you use.

Your Vacations Are Everything

Vacations should be a blast, don't get me wrong. If you start NEEDING a periodic escape from your life and responsibilities, you may want to try building your life so you don't need a break from it so badly.

Take steps to enjoy life as often and regularly as you can. Life is always a blessing and an event to be enjoyed, work on the stuff in your life you try to hide from during your vacations.

If you upgrade the overall satisfaction of your life, you will actually enjoy your vacations, not just use them as an escape.

In Moments Of Introspection, You Know You Aren't Following Your True Path

Try this simple, yet powerful exercise. Write down your top three priorities and the three things you actually focus on the most. How do the two lists line up?

If you aren't spending your time on activities or goals that are important to you, then you aren't living in a way that will make you feel fulfilled. It's easy to get caught up in the goals others or just get distracted ourselves.

Make changes in your life, so you are spending more time on what you want. If you aren't sure what you want to be doing, make time to explore possibilities.

Meet new people, try new activities and switch up your routine. You won't ever discover what you don't know by doing the same things you have been doing in the past.

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