Girl, 8, Made Contact With NASA’s International Space Station With Dad’s Ham Radio- And Got A Surprising Response

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Children are full of hopes and dreams, still maintaining an innocence that lets them believe in themselves, and the world, that they can achieve anything, One 8-year-old girl from the UK, in particular, had her dreams come true when her father’s ham radio connected to the International Space Station.

Isabella Payne managed to make a quick call to NASA’s space station with the help of her father Matt, an amateur radio enthusiast. It may have been a small step for NASA but it was a giant one for this father-daughter duo, especially because of the response they got.

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A Young Love For Space

Isabella may be young but she already has found a path in life that both excites and fascinates her. Space, and its endless possibilities and concepts we can’t even yet grasp with our human minds, gave her a sense of purpose and taught her how big the world truly is at a young age.

little girl gives thumbs up by space computer station
Jam Press
Jam Press

She fell in love with space when she was just two years old, according to her father. The little girl would watch students in her spare time learning about space communication and travel: “April 23, 2016. A 2-year-old sat on my knee and watched the students of Wellesley House school chat with @astro_timpeake, an event I helped organize,’ Isabella’s dad shared on Twitter.